How to beat Garry Kasparov?
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It’s my pleasure to announce that your next live training session will be conducted by GM Maxim Dlugy. He’s a VERY well-known person in the chess world:


plusorange He won the World Junior Chess Championship

plusorange Was formerly ranked #1 in the world by the World Blitz Chess Association

plusorange Got silver and bronze medals in a couple of US championships (and he was a president of US chess federation)

plusorange and the list goes on and on…

This Sunday, October 5, at 4pm BST you can attend GM Dlugy’s webinar “Playing for a WIN”. You can get all the details and sign up here:

Advantage Conversion and Quick Winning
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I have received a couple of interesting games and questions from the STUDENTS during the last several days. We’ll be analyzing your questions tomorrow, on my webinar “How to Win a Won Game?”

In addition to that, of course I’ll share with you some practical recommendations from my coaching & playing experience. All in all, I’m sure on Saturday webinar you’ll learn a lot of useful ideas, and we’ll certainly have fun as well :)

For those who have not registered for the webinar yet, you still can do so NOW.

Webinar-1024x703<< Sign up for GM Smirnov’s webinar >>

How to convert “a better position” into a WIN?
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While playing a chess game, quite often you can obtain a SUPERIOR position.

  • It could happen thanks to your good opening preparation.
  • Sometimes your opponent plays badly.

After that you face the famous question in chess: “How to win a won game?” question-mark-300x300

Opening Traps & A New Course in Spanish
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NOW it’s the last chance to sign yourself up for the upcoming webinar “Chess Opening Disasters and Traps” (Sunday, 21 September).

  • You’ll learn how to eliminate opening troubles in your games.
  • IM Alex Kundin will reveal some of the most effective opening traps your opponents will likely fall for!
  •  You can read all the details, and sign up for the webinar here: LINK

Chess Opening Disasters
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Our guest coach IM Alex Kundin has prepared a new lesson for you: “Disaster in the Opening”. You’ll learn useful opening concepts while enjoying a really nice attacking game!

Have you enjoyed the final position of the game from the video? It’s really cool, doesn’t it? :)

Have YOU ever experienced huge troubles right in an opening?