Attacking Techniques
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Recently a student played a nice game that illustrates typical ATTACKING IDEAS. I’ve asked him to comment the game for you. Now you can learn it, and adopt these attacking methods into your games!

Before you start observing the game, test your skills in a position below.

Gascyn - MedinaWhite’s turn

How would you play here as White? As usual, you should detect the right move and calculate its consequences.

How to Breakthrough in Chess?
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There was an amusing coincidence after I published the previous lesson. One person posted the following question in comments:


The next day I received an e-mail from another student. Surprisingly, it related to the same topic. So I’ve asked the student if it’s OK to publish his e-mail. He didn’t mind, and sent me his photo. Here’s his message.

My New Facebook Page
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There are a few interesting topics today.

First, I’ve just launched my Facebook page:FacebookNow you can stay in touch with me on Facebook, and can learn some additional lessons there.

The Secrets of Strong Players: PART-2
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Recently I’ve published the lesson “The Secrets of Strong Players” which got a massive popularity and was learnt by almost 200.000 of people. Since this topic proved to be so important for the students, I’ve just recorded a continuation of that lesson. Enjoy it! :)