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Chess Opening Disasters
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Our guest coach IM Alex Kundin has prepared a new lesson for you: “Disaster in the Opening”. You’ll learn useful opening concepts while enjoying a really nice attacking game!

Have you enjoyed the final position of the game from the video? It’s really cool, doesn’t it? :)

Have YOU ever experienced huge troubles right in an opening?

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Build up a sharp repertoire by IM Zoran Ilic
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NOW! it’s the last chance to sign you into Sunday’s webinar of IM Valeri Lilov “Planning, Evaluation & Fortress”.

Most players do suffer when it comes to such complex strategic concepts. You have a great opportunity to train and improve your skills under a supervision of our most “Liked” guest coach. You can read the details and sign up here: LINK


Early wing attack g3-g4

By International Master Zoran Ilic
Remote Chess Academy

The trend of undertaking an early wing attack with g2–g4 started back to the beginning of 1990s. Than, the enterprising GMs Shabalov and Shirov introduced this idea in the

Planning, Evaluation & Fortress
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Recently I’ve been inviting different IMs/GMs to make lessons and webinars for you. I hope you enjoyed those lectures!

Every coach has his “areas of specialization”: some are strong in attack, others have good positional understanding etc. Therefore, while learning lessons from various teachers you can build your COMPREHENSIVE chess knowledge.


When you don’t have any gaps in your chess education, your results will become GOOD and STABLE.

How to get the Olympic chess medals?
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Before we go to the main topic, let me remind you that now it’s the last chance to register for the webinar of GM Vadim Milov (former #22 in the world!). This is a unique opportunity to clarify your questions and to get hints from the world top-level player. Learn more: LINK

In the meanwhile you may test yourself in the following really cool position from Milov’s game.

Pavel Smirnov – Vadim MilovPicture 1Black’s turn

Is there any way for Black to survive? Of course you should not just guess a move but to calculate the following lines as well.

Webinar: The Art of Exchange Sacrifice
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Your Unique Opportunity
To take a lesson from
GM Milov (former #22 in the World!)

Today I have really GREAT news for you! GM Vadim Milov will be conducting an online webinar for you on Sunday, September 7th.


Milov (rated 2705 at peak) is the TOP-level player, who defeated V. Anand, J. Polgar, V. Korchnoi – just to name a few :)