How to finish a game – Part 1
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As you know, I held a WEBINAR on Sunday 6 July, and it was a great success! After that, many students asked me to do another one. That’s why I’m glad to announce to you that I will hold a NEW webinar soon, probably at the end of July (between 25th and 30th). In the next few days, I’ll give you the final date. This date will be the result of the SURVEY below, so you must complete it.

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Today I’ll show you a new video made by Manikandaswamy, entitled « How to finish a game? » where you’ll learn how to play an endgame queen v rook encounter. This video is the first one of the series and we will put up the other videos soon.

How to play against the Fianchetto variation of the King’s Indian Defence?
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Fianchetto BishopToday I will show you a new GUEST article entitled “How to play against the Fianchetto variation of the King’s Indian Defence?”

It was written by the famous commentator from Bosnia and Herzegovina, IM Jasmin BEJTOVIC.

Jasmin will show you, in many examples and analysis, how to play against this opening and he’ll share his SECRETS with you.

The art of defence in chess
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On Sunday 6th July, I made a live WEBINAR, and I would like to thank all students who were present. But it was not easy for everyone to be present, or maybe you want to see it again to understand it better. That’s why I have recorded a video of this event on the theme « The Art of Defense in Chess » and you’ll have the opportunity to review it again and again without limitation.

In chess, it’s important to know how to defend against any attack; that’s why I’ll show you many examples and teach you how to react in those types of situations. You can start the lesson by clicking on the video below, and you will learn many great techniques from top players’ games with my complete analysis.

How to join my Webinar
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On Wednesday, I told you about an upcoming WEBINAR. It will take place tomorrow Sunday 6th July at 4p.m.(16.00) BST – London time (you can check it on this LINK ).

Initially we planned to make 100 seat available. However, this limit was occupied within few hours. Hence we expanded, and now 500 STUDENTS CAN JOIN! However, you still should hurry up, or your place will be taken away by other people!


Join now!

This webinar, on the theme « The Art of Defence in Chess, » will last one hour and will give you a UNIQUE chance to have a live chat with me and the opportunity to provide all your questions and get my help.

Take Part in GM Smirnov’s Webinar
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Today I’ll talk about a very important event you have to note in your calendar: I’ll be organising my first Webinar on Sunday 6 July, at 4pm BST ( it’s London time, and you can see it HERE ).Webinar

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