How to use tactics in YOUR games – Part 2
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Firstly, I’d like to share another beautiful birthday greeting that I received from one of my students:

“It’s October 28 :-) – the day when a great chess grand master and best chess coach was born.

Yes, it’s GM Igor Smirnov. Happy birthday to you sir!”

greetingThanks a lot for those nice words. As I said, such greetings motivate me to keep making new and useful lessons for YOU.

My Birthday and Special Offers
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Today is my birthday – as we all know, we need to make some resolutions and do good things on such occasions. :)


So what am I going to do? :) I’m going to provide you with some great OFFERS and DISCOUNTS on RCA products, and a FREE video lesson, as I always try to give YOU the BEST!

Power of Pawn Storm – Part 2
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NOW, it’s the FINAL reminder for you to sign up for the upcoming webinar “Counter Attack is the best defense” by GM Vadim Milov (Saturday, 25th, 4PM BST) – You can find more details HERE

As I’ve mentioned in the previous blog post, my birthday is on 28th October and I’ll be providing you with some exciting offers and discounts.


Counter Attack and exciting news
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First of all, in an effort to give the BEST for YOU, we’re expanding our RCA Shop and we’re conducting a survey. The survey has only 6 questions and it will not take more than 2 minutes for you to complete it.

By the way, I have a ‘secret present’ for you! You’ll get the summary of the lesson “Secrets of Strong Players (Part-1 and Part-2)”! In order to get it, just complete the following survey! Please do take part in it to let me know about your needs.



Power of Pawn Storm – 1
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Before we begin the lesson, let me share some good news! We keep translating my complete courses to different languages according to students’ requests.

“The Grandmaster’s Secrets” course is now available in German.


<< Get the course in German NOW >>