Next webinar and great news
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In the previous blog-post, I made an announcement that I’ll be providing you with a huge offer from Nov-28 to Dec-1 to celebrate the achievement of getting one million views in our YouTube channel.


If you missed that, check it now here: LINK. Remember that if YOU are among the first 100 buyers, you’ll either get a FREE COURSE or a FREE WEBINAR, including the next one (which will be conducted by me on 6 Dec). :) So don’t miss this great opportunity!

Chess Sets, a New Course in Spanish and great news
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Today, I have some great news for you. Recently, my wife had to buy chess sets for our local chess club. She teaches chess to kids, so we are a chess family. :)


We started searching for a chess shop in the Internet, and I was surprised at how MANY of them there are. It took a long time to select the best items and compare the prices.

Then I thought that YOU might have experienced similar difficulties while purchasing chess products. Additionally, my students often ask me which chess software I recommend.

Referral Program and a new lesson
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Today, I have really GREAT news for you! You might have noted that in recent times, we’ve been building up RCA, for instance, the online training platform, a new chess course, courses on DVD, webinar recordings, more new RCA products and so on.

I’m glad to say that the above list is expanding further, as we’ve released a new REFERRAL PROGRAM for you! :) Let me explain it to you.

History of Chess Part – 2, next webinar and great news
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Firstly, in recent times we conducted a survey to provide YOU with new products. I’m glad that many of you took part in this survey and submitted your requests. I’d like to stress again that we’ll always try to do our BEST for YOU!


History of Chess and next Webinar
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First, let me ask you a few questions. Have YOU ever faced situations like playing in a bad position, or the game itself started badly for you, a tactical error forced you to give up material or maybe simply a series of weak moves propelled you into an almost deadly spiral and a lost position?