April 4, 2012

Another Fianchettoed Bishop

  • Grand Master Igor Smirnov, Chess Coach, Author and Publisher.
  • Normally, the fianchetto bishop setup occurs in the openings like Sicilian Dragon, Queen’s Indian etc..In this video, I have mainly explained about the fianchettoed bishop on the queenside


    Quick Succes in chess

    • Heitor Leal Farnese

      Thanks for this lesson, it was very good!

      • hans

        nice one Igor

    • Sahil Rohmehtra

      nice video sir… very good explanations… thank you :)

    • Anonymous

      Welcome back our teacher, and thanks very very much for this excellent lesson .

    • Frank124c

      good video easy to understand and addresses a situation not normally covered by other teachers

    • Jgalcedo

      thank you very much sir for your effort to share your knowledge about chess indeed it was very helpful and how i wish i could purchased your books but at present i can’t due to financial problems within my family, thanks anyway

    • Yabutoscar

      thanks a lot sir.its so nice.

    • Gabriel

      Claro que me gustaría adquirir su curso, lamentablemente está en idioma inglés. Si fuera en español creo no tendría inconveniente. Gracias de todos modos.

      • Anonymous


        I am a moderator of RCA

        Could you please type your comment on English so that everyone can understand what you are talking about?

        Thank you!

        – Moderator

    • Hossein

      Thank you, I’m waiting for your next valuable lessons..

    • Vickip09

      great stuff…thank you.

    • Paulos

      Thank u Igor for this useful video lesson. It is nice to hear from u again. We missed u :O) Take care and we wish u the best! All our positive energy is with u! Bye

    • Anu

      thank u sir 4 this valuable video.

    • Mahinda wimalaweera

      very use full and valuable sir

    • Christos Karagiannis1

      I am very happy to have your news again Igor !! Thanks a lot for this video lesson !

    • Riyaznlrchess

      Wellcome and thanks for this very useful lession video

    • vivek Rane


    • Jupp

      interesting and useful.

    • Rasool Ganbari

      thank you

    • Nasser Ben Hassen

      nice video sir… very good explanations… thank you

    • Les

      Hello GM Smirnov, Thank you very much for this very valuable lesson. Since I play the Queens Indian def. w/black and the Nimzowitch/Larsen attack w/white it is very useful to know the methods of attack & defence in the Q-side fianchetto position. Thanks again.

    • Anonymous

      This reminds me of a game where I sacced an exchange to take advantage of my opponents queenside fianchetto. I made a video of that game:

    • Domz1951

      very nice thank you

    • Icada_ak

      thankz sir for the video

    • Alialkamale21

      thank u good video sir and a valuable lesson.

    • Mr Deer Hunter

      yeah yeah good lesson. only that i keep losing and im very frutrated

    • Riyaznlrchess

      Hi Sir Please let us know when the New Course available

      • Anonymous


        I am a moderator of RCA

        The new course is currently under some works.I hope you can wait for it.If the process is good, then the quality will be good.So please be patient.

        Thank you!

        – Moderator

    • Rudiatpong

      good lesson sir thank you so much

    • Rsid1947

      simply great teaching

    • herrous

      tank you so match teacher

    • Webmaster

      Here after this is my attacking style against fianchettoed bishop

    • Drewflores22


    • Misroditelimik

      thank you

    • Zakas1994

      Thanks igor youre a good man

    • Mrburnburn

      great experience.thanks to gm igor

    • Garg Sahil

      oye! if b6 is not a good then why you post a video of e4 b6 opening

      • Igor Smirnov

        It’s not entirely bad, it depends on a situation. Based on the 2 lessons you mentioned you can see when it’s good and when not so good.

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