September 10, 2016

Crossword contest winners and special discount

  • Grand Master Igor Smirnov, Chess Coach, Author and Publisher.
  • I’m very glad to say that the first ever “RCA Crossword Contest” went really well. We had over hundreds of participants, and I appreciate and thank all the participants for taking part in this great event! :)
    Chess CrosswordIt’s time to announce the winners – the first 50 participants who solved the crossword puzzle correctly and sent the answers to us:


    Note: for privacy reasons, we only state their first names.











    Bharath 16 Ion 31 Simon 46 Navya


    Lovro 17 Arjoe 32  Robert 47



    Aggelos 18 Adnane 33 Hakon 48



    Sudarshan 19 Tejas 34 Gary 49

    Ismail Aqa


    Jim 20 Gabriel 35 Cherriton 50



    Jaikar 21 Greg 36



    George 22 Tenneti 37



    Senthil 23 Alfonso 38



    Oshin 24 Dene 39



    Sachin 25 Jack 40



    Paul-Adrien 26 Shakti 41



    Chlo J 27  Uri 42



    j01375 28 Andrew 43



    Lorenzo 29 Manohar 44



    Tony 30 Mathejoy 45



    Congratulations to all the winners – you guys deserved it and it seems your knowledge of chess terms is really great! :) All the winners were contacted and provided with the special prizes.
    Chess Crossword winnersAdditionally, I promised I’ll providing something special to all the participants as well – all participants will get an RCA premium video of their choice for FREE! :) Thanks for participating guys, I appreciate your enthusiasm towards chess – after all, participation matters more than winning.


    Note: all the participants were contacted by our Support Team to provide the FREE premium video. If you participated in the contest but did not hear from us, please contact our Support Team here.


    Finally, it’s time to announce the solution of the crossword puzzle. :) You can download the file “Crossword Solution” (Excel file) which contains the solution for the puzzle – DOWNLOAD.


    If you are new or missed this event, you can find the questions and crossword puzzle here:


    • Questions (LINK)
    • Crossword Puzzle (LINK)

    designAre you tired of solving the whole crossword? :) As you might have noticed, there’s a lot of information and terminology related to chess. Also, we’ve been taught so many rules in chess and it’s hard to choose the best ones when you are there, playing a game, looking for the best moves when you don’t know what to do.
    confusedWouldn’t it be easier if we can apply a SINGLE rule or methodology to all positions – instead of remembering so many rules for openings, middlegame and endgame?


    That’s why you need to have a strong understanding of chess and comprehensive knowledge about it. This will “make it simple” for you – you will be able to find the best moves easily in any situation, because you UNDERSTAND the game. I recommend you to study our RCA comprehensive courses which will give you this KNOWLEDGE.
    remote chess academy comprehensive coursesBut I’d like to help you further – I thought it might not be fair to those who did not participate in the contest (or unaware of it) if I just provide special gifts to participants and winners only. Also some of you might not be able to afford to purchase our courses.


    Therefore, I’m providing EVERYONE with a massive 30% discount on the RCA comprehensive courses (ONLY).


    Simply use the coupon “comprehensive” when making your purchase. This coupon will be valid from today until Wednesday, 14 September (inclusive). If you don’t know how to use a discount code, please see here.
    30% discount

    <<Shop now>>

    designFinally, I’d like to inform something very important and exciting – we have a new vacancy. Remote Chess Academy is growing constantly; thus, we wish to engage new people in our Team. Currently we are inviting applications for this new post – “YouTuber”.


    If you like to record videos or would like to learn how to record chess videos, then this career opportunity may be right for you.


    Check out more details and apply for the post below:
    submit application

    <<Apply now>>

    • CJ

      Hi, I haven’t received any note from the support team that I participated in the contest. I sent my answers last Sept. 1, maybe a lot of players sent correct answers before me since I am not included on the list of first 50 participants. Though I haven’t received any message from the support team recognizing my participation, I did received a message from them asking a survey.

      • CJ

        By the way, I did get all the answers correct.

      • RCA_moderator

        Hi Chris,
        It is strange that you did not get our e-mail. We are sorry about that. I have resent the e-mail to you. Yes, there was lot of interest from the students.
        You can contact us at “” if you have any further questions.

        Prasaadh | Support Officer

        • CJ

          This is all taken care of. Thank you sir Prasaadh. :)

    • ayush

      congratulations to all winner .the contentst is toughh tough thanks igor for this offer and discount.finally i am wating for something extraordinary from you sir please make a course on modern opening trends.

      • RCA_moderator

        Thank you for your appreciation. Ayush.

        Prasaadh | Support Officer

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