January 11, 2017

How to evaluate a position at the various stages of the game?

  • Grand Master Igor Smirnov, Chess Coach, Author and Publisher.
  • If we want to better evaluate different positions of the chess game, we would consider a lot of various factors such as development, material and positional advantage, pawn structures, weaknesses, tactics and so on.

    Evaluate a chess position


    However, in some cases, you might be a pawn up (or have some material advantage) but yet, your opponent has the initiative or better pieces’ coordination or vice versa. Have you ever been in such situations? :)


    If so, here is my question to you: how do you evaluate the positions, when the regular factors for the evaluation don’t help?


    Remember, if your evaluation of the position is wrong, then you will choose the wrong plan to continue the game and you’ll end up playing the wrong moves. Therefore, the evaluation of the position in a correct way is very important.



    That’s exactly what we’ll see today – our guest coach IM Alex Kundin has prepared a very instructive video lesson for you on this topic. In this video, he will teach you how to evaluate the position during of the different stages of the game. You can watch the video lesson below:


    Author information


    Alex Kundin is an International Master from Israel with a current FIDE rating of 2323.
    IM Alex KundinHe is a former Europe youth champion and an experienced chess coach. He has an extensive knowledge about chess openings


    P.S. If you enjoyed watching the video lesson, please share it with your friends. Also feel free to write your thoughts in the comments area below. :)


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    • Lovro Glavina

      But what is the real value of knowing the very precise evaluation of the position anyways? I mean, in your courses, you said we evaluate it simply by 2 factors: material and activity of the pieces. Which is completely true and that’s pretty much enough as far as evaluation goes. That way, we will know approximate evaluation of the position to get some adequate feel(which is mostly useful when we need to evaluate resulting positions in lines we calculate) but what do we need the very precise evaluation for? Not much use. What matters the most is, as Igor points out a lot, the thinking system one applies in his/her games in order to find the best move. And I think that is the most important thing(along the System of Understanding.)

    • Lovro Glavina

      Hey Igor! I noticed in practical part of your Gm secrets course that you played against computer and you recommend us to play against computers. What strength should we play against? Do you have some concrete computer to suggest? Say stockfish computer? Which level throu 1-8?

      • Jakov Glavina

        The strongest one.

    • eewootoa

      Another good free lesson!! but the type of positions are too many! Currently I follow the Karpov book on the subject…

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