Feedback from a student who attend my seminar in Vellore

Recently, I received feedback from one of my students, Joshua, who attended my seminar in Vellore, India on 17 October. In his message, he shared his experience in chess, a recap of his chess career, and the lessons he had learnt from my courses and seminar.
successI’m very happy to share this nice message with you:


Dear Igor Smirnov, I am Ganta Joshua Samuel. I met with you in Vellore. Your wife told you about me during the simul. I am very happy I met you in Vellore. Actually, I wanted to stay until the photo session but it was already 6 o’clock and I had to catch the bus on time.


I enjoyed your lecture a lot, especially the three examples you gave. Of course, I enjoy every lecture when I listen to it. Your lectures are Hollywood movies for me. I watch them when I get bored. I am very happy to hear that it’s your honor to teach me and thanks for accepting my request even though you have a busy schedule.


I want to tell you why I want coaching from you and what the reason behind it is. Let me tell you a little story about me. I started training with my coach in June 2012. In my training sessions my coach said something like this to me – “You have to calculate 5 moves and 5 variations” – and I believed him and started thinking of 5 moves and 5 variations at every turn after a few days.


An interesting question came to my mind – when to calculate variations and when not to?


He said to me words along these lines: “We just start training, you know it by yourself.” I was surprised and unable to understand how I could know it myself. But later I realized that he didn’t have the answer to my question, and when I asked: “How to avoid blunders?” he said, “It’s your problem – I can’t do anything about it.


Like your own story, I trained 6-8 hours a day; but I was unable to progress in chess and my coach didn’t know the answers even to my simple questions. I was unable to understand why I was not progressing. I cried after every poor performance in a tournament, but I am not a person who will give up easily and I said to myself: “Never give up – keep fighting” and I stuck to the quotation but the situation did not change.


When I was searching on Google, I found your website. I saw your story. After reading about you, I realized that finally I had found the solution to my problem and I decided that I would buy all your courses. But my financial situation was not that great and my uncle gifted me your course “The Endgame Expert”.


I purchased this material before a tournament in January and I studied your video lessons before the tournament started. Surprisingly, I won all my games in the endgame. My father and my mother were clergymen, so I believe strongly in God. I prayed daily for your courses to come my way. After two years of prayer, I met a person when I was travelling on the train to a tournament.

I was studying your course on the train. We talked about your academy and I asked him: “Do you have all these courses?” He answered “yes” and when I asked him, he gave them to me in January 2014.


After watching your video lessons, I realized that I had to change my thinking system. I started training. I automated:


  • Anti-blunder check.
  • Calculate system mentioned in your course “Calculate Till Mate
  • Grandmaster thinking system mentioned in bonus video lesson.


In November, I will start training to automate your thinking system about planning. The main reason I asked about coaching is that, as I have said before and would like to emphasize it again, I was highly influenced by your life and your teaching, and you are my role model.


I learnt a lot from you, not only in chess but also in life as well; it’s my dream to work with you and I am very happy because my dream has come true after three years of prayer. Please let me know how much money I would have to pay for coaching. When will you start? I hope you enjoy your trip in India.



Ganta Joshua Samuel

(Igor Smirnov disciple, Sammy Joshua) – blog-name



Thanks for sharing your experience with us, Joshua. Congratulations on your success in the endgame stage and on your overall improvement! 🙂 It’s really great to know that you have a strong, positive, “never give up” attitude. That’s amazing, and I’m glad you enjoyed my courses and seminar.
congratsUnfortunately, I have a very busy schedule and I can’t find the time to provide private coaching. But, as you wrote in your message, you can always learn from our free video lessons on our YouTube channel, in our premium videos, and in our courses.


Finally, I hope you achieve a lot more and much well-deserved success! 🙂

P.S. If you have your own ‘success story’, feel free to share it with us. Other students are willing to see such feedback.
  • ayush

    hmm.that is great jousha i respect your hard work and enthusiasm in chess and in life too.i am same guy as you i always want private training with igor ,but igor has very busy sechdule.but i had learned a lot from his you tube lessons and courses that a friend of mine gave me.dear jousha do you have new book of igor??A promoted pawn??could you please give me that book??

  • ayush

    God bless you igor you are our hero.

  • DD

    Pls. consider that the primary way to support Igor’s work is to buy his stuff, even if you have already borrowed it.
    This is also a powerful motivational tool to put value in what you are studying and a push to win money prizes at the tournaments.
    Also, Igor’s courses (as opposed to most of the others ) are specifically designed to let you learn WITHOUT the need of private training! That’s why they are so comparatively cheap.
    Best Regards!

  • DDR

    Hi Dude

    I appreciate your enthusiasm to study GM Igor Smirnov’s chess courses.

    But this is on level of piracy

    But GM Igor Smirnov’s courses are intended for personal education.I guess no one is supposed to distribute his paid courses or books without prior permission from GM Igor Smirnov. Any unauthorised use or distribution violates the copyright laws.

    “I want to protect my honest customers and my products.” These are his words.

    Wishing you a well-deserved success 🙂

    • sammy joshua

      Hi DDR thx for your appreciation. Its completely normal you wana protect your costumers rights but the gifts from god will be received like that only he use humans for that purpose.I want u to think about this most people purchased igor courses.with money i purches it with huge amount of faith and prayers

  • sammy joshua

    Dear Ayus thx for such encouraging words ,I dont igors new book i need to buy them

    • ayush

      okk sammy.

  • ayush

    dear dd you are right but i have some financial problems going on that’s why i am unable to purchase book of igor .if sammy gave me the book i will give full money to her.if she doesnot want to give me the book its ok no problem.

  • sammy joshua

    hey i did not purchased the book yet secondly iam a boy not a girl

    • ayush

      ok bro sorry.i am also like you struggling for chess coaching and i have yesterday recieved a email from gm rb ramesh of india.that he had too much students so he is not able to give mei training.

    • ayush

      okk sir i am sorry.

  • RCA_moderator
    • ayush

      ok sir.

  • Thanks for your support!
    Indeed, the support of the honest students (who pay for the lessons, books etc) let me develop new courses, conduct new seminars, engage new good coaches and authors of lessons – all in all, make new good things for you!

    Some dishonest people (who support piracy of RCA products) in fact damage the work of RCA, devalue the lessons, and of course I do not consider them to be my students.

    At the same time, I’ve noticed a long time back that honest students achieve much greater results in chess. They have faith in the lessons, huge motivation for training, and ultimately win prizes, gaining much more money than they spent for RCA lessons.

    Once again, thank you for your support, and good luck in your chess battles!

    • sammy joshua

      i am glad to know that the support of honest students motivate u to do good things,AS you said its not that easy to do the right things that give great results. Your years of experience and they way of training you introduced is remarkable but is hard to understand it

  • ayush

    sorry igor for my this i disrespect your courses .i am also in the favour of antipiracy.dear igor rb ramesh of india is disrespecting me he is saying that i have no future in chess so i should leave this field and do a job.i told him about you and your courses but he doesnot care.he told me that he is only working with young students.

  • Usually those coaches who can’t teach well try to shift the responsibility to some external factors, e.g. ‘lack of talent’ of a student.

    In reality, I know a lot of examples (and I keep publishing them on this website from time to time) when an adult player, who was stagnating for a long period of time, obtained massive progressive after a proper teaching.

    I’m sure you can progress in chess. As another student pointed out, I design my courses in the way that you can learn them independently. I have a few new training tools for independent learners in mind, and I’ll make my best to release them as soon as possible.

    • ayush

      thankyu so much igor you are right .i will follow your courses recomendations and this website.regularly to get progress steady.

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Feedback from a student who attend my seminar in Vellore

Recently, I received feedback from one of my students, Joshua, who attended my seminar in Vellore, India on 17 October. In his message, he shared his experience in chess, a recap of his chess career, and the lessons he had learnt from my courses and seminar.Read More

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