October 14, 2013

GM Smirnov Answers Students’ Questions

  • Grand Master Igor Smirnov, Chess Coach, Author and Publisher.
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    • Igor Smirnov

      If, for some reasons, you can’t see the video, you can watch it on my YouTube channel (and you can download this lesson there as well):

      • মাহাদী

        Sir,do u really use Facebook ? if answer is yes,please give me your facebook page link here.thank you.

        • Igor Smirnov

          No, I don’t use Facebook currently. If I ever start using it, I’ll definitely announce it for everybody.

          Till that time we still can communicate right here :)

    • Papa12345

      Hi GM Igor. Can you please help me find a simple opening for white pieces aside from using b3. Opening that I can use as a straight forward development and plan for the middle game as well with sound pawn structure in endgame.

    • Laurent

      Very usefull lesson, thx Igor ! The real problem is we have to remember it during our own games. My questions will be answerd later (you hade more than 100 questions to answerd). By the way, I thing they’re more like a opening repertoire (like the one you are making for us !). The Max Lang attack, the Budapest gambit, and in case of 1.d4 Nf6 2.Nf3 c5 ! You see I’m in my office, so I don’t have any chess board with me so it’s in my brain that I translet the move. I made some work about it (whith internet and books). And I do like your comments about the game of Capablanca. On internet and books we see good thinks and some times wrong things or simple evaluations. The line of the Budapest for instant 1.d4 Nf6 2.c4 e5 3.dxe5 Ng4 4.Bf4 Bb4+ 5. Nbd2 d6 6. exd6 Qf6 7.e3 Nxf2 8. Kxf2 g5! It’s a line that is pleasant to play with black specialy in blitz games I belaeve. But what do you thing in real game, has a suprise wepon against strong player ? Perhaps it’s not a line that you will recomande. Or perhaps you will talk about it in details later (I’m dreaming you’ll think it’s very interesting too), Thx for this lesson.

    • Karl

      Hi Igor, How can I download your lesson on You Tube.

    • Karl

      How can I download this lesson on You Tube???

    • 1858russ67c

      Do you have an estimated release date for the new course? The GM openings lab was great.

      • Igor Smirnov

        It’s great to know the opening course was useful for you.

        The new course is almost ready, and will probably be released at the end of October. I’ll certainly keep you informed.

    • paolo

      dear sir igor

      pllszzz send mehh more info about
      queeens gambit and caro kann and the unusual opening
      hoping for your kind consideration .

      my email add :

    • Erik Karlsson

      Hey Igor, i’ve recently discovered your page, and i am a bit of a beginner, and i wonder, which course should i begin with?

      • Jonathan

        Hi Erik. According to the help section (, they recommend ‘The Grandmaster’s Secrets’ as the place to start. It took me a bit to find that; maybe Igor should add this or something similar to the Products page?

        Anyway, Igor is a fantastic teacher, and if you commit to your studying you will be soundly reworded.

        • Ezra Banot

          hello erik. i suggest you start with “grandmaster’s positional understanding”.. it starts with basic principles and gm smirnov explains it deeply.. i start with it just this october.. and i like it as a beginner.. so i would suggest you this.. :)

      • RCA_moderator

        Hello Erik,

        I agree with Jonathan. “The Grandmasters Secrets” would be the best course start with. It will show you what a chess game really is, and will lay a firm foundation for your continuous progress.

        Good Luck on your chess study!
        Paul | Student Support Officer

    • cind

      hello i wan to learn new opening and i don’t know where to go ,please help me

      • RCA_moderator

        Hello, Cind. In Remote Chess Academy GM Igor Smirnov provides a course called Grandmaster Openings Laboratory which is a new and playable opening repertoire and He teaches the ideas behind it so you don’t need to memorize variations.

        Check it out!

    • BugFixer
    • Aseem Sharan

      There are many newly learnt kids who play opening moves like a4, Ra3 etc. To make these newbie kids learn chess faster, is it a good idea to introduce extra rules such as: You must not move any other pawn but the center two (e,d). You have to move each night and biship once before you could move any a second time, you have to castle by move 10.

    • Monir

      Hello Mr Igor smirov, I bought both your chess course Grandmaster secrets amd Grand master Positional Understanding… Which course should I start first?? Pls give me suggestion.. And after completing those two course which one should I buy to continue my chess development?? pls give suggestion..

    • George Carter

      Hi George here from Scotland just new to the game of chess playing lots of games online on been playing for about a year now you’re free courses are great the ploblem is I don’t have are PC just have are Samsung Galaxy phone can get your video lessons but can’t do the tasks after the lessons can you help thanks George

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