Happy New Year!

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Happy NEW Year! :) New Year is always the perfect time to get a fresh start on things – may it be in chess, business, relationship and everything else in between. And I wish your 2012 would be your best year yet!

I’m pretty sure you know the Olympians motto: “Faster, Higher, Stronger”. Aspiring to outdo yourself, aspiring to get better ALL THE TIME – this is one of the most important qualities a REAL sportsman has. That said, your efforts to get better at chess should double this 2012!

Enjoy the Holiday Season BUT don’t let it relax you too much or put you off guard. Reasonable rest is required; while too much relax weakens you!

Let me tell you a story :)

Somewhere in Africa, an antelope wakes up every morning. She knows, that she must run faster than the fastest lion (otherwise she would be eaten!).

Somewhere in Africa, a lion wakes up every morning. He knows that he must run faster than the slowest antelope (otherwise he will die of starvation).

It doesn’t matter whether you are a lion or an antelope.

What matters is that you run fast when the sun rises!


To end this New Year’s present, here are links to my most recent FREE lessons. Make sure that you’ve studied ALL of them.

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For those who are new in my Blog, you may want to stay and have a look around. There are A LOT of free goodies and useful lessons that can only help you in improving your chess game.

As for my long-time students, you will find it helpful to refresh your memory and check out the lessons again from time to time.


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