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Note: the prices of products in the shop will automatically be reduced to the discounted price. Therefore, you need not apply any coupon – we’ve already made it easy for you with the new shop.


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design Second, we understand that it might be difficult for some of you to ‘digest’ this sudden transition – you might be experiencing some initial inconvenience caused by the need to adapt to a new shop or our website might have slowed down for some hours during the shop migration.


That’s why, to help you go through this change and to compensate for the above-mentioned issues, we’re providing you with another special offer – you can get my premium video “How to win a won game?” for FREE! 🙂

How to win a won game? by GM Igor Smirnov <<Download the premium video for FREE now>>


After watching the premium video, please write your thoughts and feedback about it in the comments below, even if you’ve studied it already – this will motivate other students to make use of this unique opportunity and to study it. 🙂


Note: you can get this premium video for FREE only if you download it on or before Monday, 6 June. This offer will expire after that.


P.S. How much do you like the design and the interface of the new shop? Have you written your review of the courses you’ve studied? 🙂 Feel free to write your thoughts below.

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  • Abdennour Djema

    That is so true one of the hardets things in chess is o convert your advantage or winning positions into a win, because of the pressure or else we get lazy at times, this video helps a lot to solce this problem, thank you Teacher 😀

    • RCA_moderator

      Hi Abdennour,
      Yes, it is true. It takes a lot of discipline to play precisely when you are winning.
      We are glad that the premium video was helpful.

      Student Support Officer

  • bibleexpert

    i’ve tried several times in the past hour to make a purchase, but when I click on “shop” I keep getting a message that the website is offline. Has this happened to anyone else?

  • RCA_moderator

    Hi George,
    We are sorry for the trouble you are facing.
    We are having a temporary server issue. This will be fixed shortly.
    Again sorry for the issue.

    Prasaadh | Student Support Officer

    • bibleexpert

      Thanks for letting me know.

  • Thanks for your appreciation, Abdennour!

  • Abdennour Djema

    You ‘re more then welcome Igor, your courses are making transforamtions happening into my chess understanding, and i encourage others to do the same , probably people don’t feel that simple rules ” as they seem” are very important and they are true guidlines that you can rely on even at thehighest level, it’s simple, all they have to do is to dig into your courses and see if the principles you give , they hold true even at the best of chess, and the answer is yes, they hold true, and you will meet the over and over and over

    • RCA_moderator

      Hi Abennour,
      Thanks for your warm words.
      Your support means a lot to us moving forward.

      Prasaadh Student Support Officer

    • Hi Abennour,

      It’s great to know my lessons helped you. Keep up your positive transformation!

      Indeed, when a player hears one of the fundamental rules, he usually thinks “It’s for beginners” or “Yes, I know it”. However, when I analyse games of the students, I see how often they violate those ‘obvious’ fundamental rules. It’s both funny and sad.

      That said, it’s great that you understand the real value of fundamental chess principles. I’m sure you’ll reach great results in chess! Good luck!

  • Fischer

    Hi I bought my thinking system by Igor Smirnov but I couldn’t downloaded, there was a message that said something like this is embarrasing isn’t it? and the support page is not working

    • RCA_moderator

      We are sorry for the problem you faced.
      I have provided the download link to your e-mail id.
      Please contact us at “[email protected]” if you need anything else.

      Prasaadh | Student Support Officer

  • hafez

    please it does not work to downloud the free lesson

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