October 16, 2015

Join me at my seminars in Vellore and Chennai

  • Grand Master Igor Smirnov, Chess Coach, Author and Publisher.
  • Today, I’d like to remind you about my upcoming seminars in southern India. My first seminar will take place in Vellore tomorrow, 17 October and the second seminar will take place in Chennai on Sunday, 18 October.


    Both of my seminars (Vellore and Chennai) will take place according to the schedule below:

    Seminar in Vellore


    Venue: Rangalaya, 60, Vellore – Chittoor Road, Gandhi Nagar, Vellore – 6




    The topic of my lecture will be “The Art of Planning“. ‘Planning’ sounds like something complex, but in fact it simply answers the question “What should you be doing in a given position”?


    Without a clear understanding of your plan, you may easily go along the wrong path. You’ll have to analyze and calculate a lot of moves, trying to figure out the best one.


    During the lecture, we’ll analyze the right plans you should follow. We’ll go through all the stages of a game – opening, middlegame, endgame – and you’ll obtain detailed guidance for every moment of your game.




    Only the first 150 registrants will be able to attend BOTH the lecture and the simul. Therefore, a maximum of 150 students can play against me in the simul.

    The simul will be on 50 boards:


    • In case 50 or fewer people want to join the simul, each one will play individually (like in a usual chess game).
    • In case more than 50 people want to join the simul, the participants will be united into teams.




    The price for the whole seminar is only Rs. 500 ($8), which is a lot cheaper than my usual rate. Normally, I charge at least $100 for my one-hour lesson.
    GM Igor Smirnov's seminar in Vellore

    <<Find more details and get your ticket here>>
    designSeminar in Chennai


    Venue: MA Krishnasamy School, Anna nagar, Chennai – 600040 (check the location of the school here)




    The topic of my lecture in Chennai will be “The Right Thinking in Chess“. During the seminar, “The Right Thinking in Chess”, you’ll be able to:


    • Get clarity on how to play chess.
    • Systematize your existing chess knowledge, so that you can use your full chess potential.
    • Train the right system of thinking under my guidance and supervision.
    • Ask your questions and seek clarification about any doubts you may have.




    The simul is limited to 50 participants. The participants will play against me individually (and not as teams). In other words, it will be a standard simul. Only the first 50 registrants can play in the simul.




    Tickets for the lecture and for the simul are sold separately. Each ticket costs Rs.300 ($5). Thus, if a person wants to attend both the lecture and the simul, he/she should buy the two corresponding tickets, and the overall price (both lecture and simul) will be Rs.600 ($10).

    GM Igor Smirnov's seminar in Chennai<<Find more details and get your ticket here>>

    P.S. You can find all information about the seminars here. If you have any doubts, please check the FAQ section
    • ayush

      outstanding and awesome dear igor you are just great i am missing your this upcoming webinars too because i live in rajnandgaon(chattisgarh).

    • Michael Patterson

      I live in the Western Hemisphere so there’s no way that I can attend, I’d have to travel halfway around the world.

    • Sandeep R B

      Hi Igor, nice to know that you are in INDIA, in particular SOUTH INDIA. I am from Bangalore. I just missed this seminars of yours. How long are you staying in INDIA. Can we plan a similar SEMINAR/s in Bangalore / Mysore / Hubli?

      • RCA_moderator

        Hi Sandeep,
        Igor has a busy schedule but I will help you.
        We will update the information that you asked for in our blog. You can follow it to get the latest information.

        Student Support Officer

        • Sandeep R B

          Hi Prasaadh,

          I signed up as an affiliate to market and sell Igor’s courses. But from / on the affiliates page I cannot open the FAQ section. I also tried to go to the Contact us page and typed in my queries and once I clicked the send button, I got a message saying INVALID MESSAGE. I need some urgent help in this matter. Can you please ask your affiliate manager to get in touch with me on my regd mail ID?

          • RCA_moderator

            Hi Sandeep,
            Thank you for message
            I have forwarded this message to our affiliate manager. Her will get in touch with you shortly.
            If you need any further assistance contact us at “”

            Prasaadh | Student Support Officer

            • Sandeep R B

              Thanks Prasaadh.

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