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How do I send my games and questions before the webinar?

To send your games and/or questions for Analysis, you should first buy the Premium Ticket to the webinar. To know more about joining the webinar, please click HERE.    

After buying the premium ticket, you may attach 1-3 of your games related to the webinar’s topic. We guarantee that at least 1 of your games will be analysed:


During the webinar;


You will receive a pgn file with comments for your game after the webinar. Please, note that your games unrelated to the webinar’s topic, may be ignored.

You are welcome to submit your ANY questions. You may send your questions related to the webinar’s topic, or any other questions you have.

Please, note that the time of the webinar is limited. We can’t answer all students’ questions. Hence, we will select the questions based on:

  • First come, first served basis
  • Additionally, we’ll pick the most popular questions amongst the student's questions.

For more help please refer to the below screenshot.




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