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There are tons of ways to promote your affiliate links and many of them do NOT require any special skill or any start-up money! You can:

  • Submit informative chess articles with your affiliate links to article directories.
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  • And those are just to name a few…


  • You need a Paypal account.That’s where your commissions will be paid to. If you don’t have one, no problem! You can always sign up to It’s FREE and shouldn’t take more than a minute.
  • And, of course, a flair and desire for talking about chess and promoting HIGH quality chess courses from a Grandmaster.

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  • After signing, you’ll automatically get a personal affiliate account. From here, you will see FULL statistics that will help you tweak and make your promotions EVEN more effective – the clicks, your affiliate links, your commissions, and promotional materials.
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All you need to do is promote your affiliate links! When someone purchases through it, you just sit back, relax, and enjoy the fruits of your efforts.


It doesn’t matter where you are or who you are, you can join our affiliate program!

  • Chess players who are looking for additional income by promoting something that they REALLY LOVE!
  • Folks who want to get my courses BUT can’t afford it. If you belong to this category, this is your chance to see why my courses are so HIGHLY REGARDED!
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  • FANTASTIC Income Source –

I know I have said it, BUT I’ll say it again: our affiliate program gives you an excellent income source!

  • A sale of my course package immediately translates to $150 in the bank!
  • One of my hottest and latest courses – The Grandmaster’s Positional Understanding, gives you a commission of $42/sale.

Of course, we all have our personal tasks to attend to so you may want to keep your promotion efforts at a minimum. About 2 hours let’s say.

I have a couple of affiliates who have their 9-to-5 (J-O-B as some would call it) so they can’t focus on affiliate promotions full time. BUT, every month, they bag 10 to 15 sales. Let’s do a little math to show you how profitable this can get:

– $42/sale * 15 sales/month = $630 a month

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  • Get All The Support You Need –We know how it feels like being a first-timer. Whether in chess or affiliate promotions, we all need a guide to set us walking on the RIGHT direction.That said, we are providing you with READY-MADE promotional materials, detailed instruction on how to promote your links, videos, and MORE to get the most out of the program.

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  • Select different icons for each list item.
  • Speed Up Your Chess Progress – With the commissions you earn, you can choose to save it in the bank… or you can choose to use it to SPEED UP your progress in chess! Hire a coach, go to tournaments, etc. – not only will your wallet get “healthier”, your rating also goes HIGHER!


  • Do I Need To Be Good At Coding And Programming To Join Your Program?

While it is helpful to be good at some coding, web design, etc., it’s NOT necessary. We have kept the affiliate program simple and straightforward that even a 12-year old can understand it.
PLUS, promoting it is also as easy as pie especially with the video tutorials and ready-made promotional materials we provide. All you need to get started is to sign-up (FREE) and a PayPal account (also FREE)!

  • Do I Have To Sell And Do Cold-Calling?

NO! Not at all! For one thing, I’ve got A LOT of FREE lessons that you can promote. On my home page, I have a free course “Quick Success In Chess”, that you can send to your chess friends and everyone else.

Here’s how it works:

1. After signing up, you get affiliate links to my FREE lessons (or to my blog). You can promote these links to free courses to whoever you want – perhaps to your blog readers, your chess friends, etc.

2. After watching and going through the lessons, your friend, forum visitor, or blog readers like what they see (and believe me, my FREE lessons are also of HIGH quality).

3. If that friend of yours who is in search for MORE high quality chess lessons, later on, decides to check out my MORE advanced and paid chess courses, you still get the 30% commission.

So have you done any hard selling or cold-calling? NO! You just gave them something for free and instructive! Have you earned money? Heck YES!

  • Do I Need Any Start-Up Capital?

Definitely NOT! As I have said, signing up for this program is FREE and RISK-FREE. We have A LOT of affiliates who started out with zero capital but they are now earning $200-1000.

Plus, there are a lot of affiliate promotion tactics and techniques that don’t require any money at all. And you can count on us to tell you MORE about those tactics inside the program.

  • I Know Your Courses Are EXCELLENT, BUT I Don’t Want To Give The Competition An Edge By Promoting It!

First off, I got to say: “WOW, thank you!” I’m glad that the chess courses I’ve made have made a HUGE positive impression and impact in your play.But at the same time, you don’t have to worry about the competition getting their hands on it.

  • There are 300 million chess players all over the world – a little less or a little more getting my courses won’t really make a HUGE difference.
  • Plus, NOT really all of them are dedicated to getting better at chess. They have A LOT of courses, books, etc. but their improvement is not significant. But if belong to the category of few chess players who milk my courses for whatever rating points they’re worth and review it again and again, that’s an advantage nobody can take away from you!
  • Oh! And let’s not forget: you can use the commissions you get to give YOUR chess development that EXTRA boost – hire chess coaches, get MORE high-quality chess material, go to tournaments, and those are just to name a few.


While it all boils down to you how you want to promote your affiliate links, we all want to keep it clean and that means:

  • NO fake sign-up details for the affiliate program.
  • NO spamming technologies.
  • NO you cannot buy a chess course through your own affiliate link.


I do this for two reasons:

  • The quality of his chess courses
  • The very well done affiliate program which bring me money tooI think that this excellent affiliate program brought him such success around the globe, and is something that other chess coaches really don’t understand.
  • The idea is that you must give something from what you earn to promote yourself to be successful, and Igor understood this very well.To be fair, in the beginning I doubted myself about his affiliate program (the opportunity to earn money from the internet), but over the time I realized that this thing it really works, and is 100% true. Once more I want to congratulate Igor and his team from the Remote Chess Academy for the really good work that they are doing.

Marial Sabau from Romania


  • It’s FREE to sign-up for.
  • You are in charge of your time and promotions.
  • We will give you the support you’d need.
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