May 29, 2015

Students’ favourite courses

  • Grand Master Igor Smirnov, Chess Coach, Author and Publisher.
  • I’m very excited today because I’ve something special to share with you. First, let me clarify for you that we always provide high-quality lessons (LINK), courses (LINK) and webinars (LINK).

    As you may already know, one of the key points about our Remote Chess Academy is your constant, everyday improvement! It can be a very small step forward, but even a 1% improvement a day brings an awesome 365% improvement in a year!


    Thus, our students (LINK) have studied our courses and have improved and achieved a lot! :) Interestingly, most of our students study certain courses which they find useful – hence, there are some courses which have been studied by many of our students.

    So, what are these ‘popular’ courses? We have noticed that many students have bought the following courses:


    • Calculate Till Mate (LINK)
    • Grandmaster’s Positional Understanding (LINK)
    • Unlocking the Grandmaster’s Mind (LINK)


    Many students like these three courses the most. Therefore, I thought it would be useful for YOU to know which course is the BEST and most popular amongst the students (YOU). :)

    Moreover, I’ve another interesting bit of information, too. Since ‘you’ like these three courses the most, I thought of providing them to you at a discount! :)

    That’s why I’ve created a bundle called “Students’ choice package” – the actual price of these three courses together is $357, whereas if you buy this package you’ll get these three courses for just $299. Therefore, you save a huge amount – $58!

    Students choice banner

    <<Get the package now>>


    But wait, that’s not the end – the excitement continues. If you buy this package now, you’ll get FREE attendance at my webinar tomorrow, “Play like Nakamura” (LINK). :)

    I know that some of you may already be thinking: “OMG, I’ve already studied these three courses! What do I do now”?

    No problem at all, if you’ve already bought these three courses. In that case, you can contact us (LINK) and get FREE attendance at my webinar tomorrow!



    And finally, let’s take a look at a famous chess puzzle.


    White to play

    Spassky solved this puzzle in 10 minutes when he was a kid. How about you? :) Calculate all possible variations and add your answer below; feel free to discuss this with other students! I’ll see you at my webinar.

    P.S. Additionally, we might have some new and interesting material in June. Stay tuned for more updates! :)
    • ayush

      thankyu so much igor.for creating this multi package and giving us the discount.but i want the second edition of unlocking gms mind separetely.what should i do??

    • Shafen Badar

      1.Kf5 Kf3 // 1. … c5
      2.Ke5 Ke3 // 2.Ke5 takes the pawn and black King has no route to stop the pawn
      3.Kd5 Kd3
      4.Kc5 // Black pawn is stopped and white pawn will queen

    • Facility CLO

      In Self-Taught Grandmaster, the +300 spurt block says to work on your thinking system, but it doesn’t exactly specify the course order. In the +300 spurt block is that only Grandmaster’s Secrets or does it include Calculate ’til Mate? Or is Calculate ’til Mate supposed to be covered in the “high school” block”?

      I own all of the courses, just want to make sure I am following them in the proper order.

      • Jonathan

        I’ve set up my curriculum as follows:
        1. Learn the basics with GM Secret’s (really focuses on the base principles, especially the practical part) and GM Positional Understanding (goes into those base principles even deeper).
        2. Learn middle- and endgame techniques, so Winning Plan and Endgame Expert.
        3. Learn the advanced techniques and calculation ability of Beat Titled Players and Calculate Till Mate.

        I’ve completed step 1, which has cemented my thinking system. Step 2 is going slower, as I find planning very difficult. These courses don’t completely correspond to Self-Taught GM’s suggestions, but it’s fairly close and can be supplemented later.

        • Ayush

          That is the correct way

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