“The Grandmaster’s Openings Laboratory” (Greek)

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I hope that you are enjoying the summer and having a good time :)

First, let me remind you about the survey where you can let me know about your questions, ideas etc:

I’ll be closing the survey soon. If you haven’t participated in the survey yet, please, do so now.


Secondly, the course “The Grandmaster’s Openings Laboratory” is now available in Greek:

The opening stage has become very important nowadays. Even weak players can trap you in the opening. So you have to be well-prepared. “The Grandmaster’s Openings Laboratory” allows you to create a strong opening repertoire, and quickly!

Here is some customer feedback.


I just want to let you know that I went to a park to play chess today, and over five hours I won 66% of my games using your thought process and opening rep. Never have I bought chess software or dvd’s or books that have been even a quarter as to the point and helpful as yours. Thank you for helping me be a chess monster, even though I still have a long way to go!



Dear Igor

I bought your chess courses, Grandmaster’s secrets and Openings laboratory. I can now honestly say I understand strategy and tactics/calculations/the ideas openings are based on. Powerful stuff. I am working through the practical parts and I can already see a difference in my ability to calculate variations and choose the best openings . I now have a system of thinking that I can follow.

My correspondence chess is looking up. It seems I will go through to two finals where norms is possible to achieve.

Everything of the best
Yours sincerely


Dear Igor Smirnov,

After watching three of your published courses (GM secrets, opening labratory and the winning plan), I was stunned about the practical value it had. I worked with three coaches which together didn’t come even near the quality of your video’s.

Best regards,


–> If you would like to study the course “The Grandmaster’s Openings Laboratory” in Greek language – please, click here: LINK

–> If you would like to have the English version of “The Grandmaster’s Openings Laboratory” – click here: LINK

–> If you have the English version of “The Grandmaster’s Openings Laboratory” already, and would like an additional language pack – please click here: LINK