February 3, 2016

The greatest chess game everyone MUST know

  • Grand Master Igor Smirnov, Chess Coach, Author and Publisher.
  • Millions of chess games have been played over the history of chess. But there is only a small percentage of games that will be the most influential, most important and most instructive. And every aspiring chess player simply MUST know these few games.few games.   Today we will talk about one of them. It was a game played by the greatest player from the U.S. (probably together with Bobby Fischer), Paul Morphy. Paul MorphyIn this video lesson, I will not only show this game of Morphy’s but will also explain the main ideas he used in it, so that you can do the same in YOUR own games!   For instance, in this game, you will notice that Morphy did not allow his opponent to play the moves on his mind. Rather, his opponent was only able to react to Morphy’s moves. Sounds like a magic trick, doesn’t it? :)   In this lesson, you will learn about the following:

    • three main rules that Morphy followed to devastate his opponents
    • when to make a sacrifice
    • how to determine whether or not a sacrifice is worthwhile
    • evaluating a position
    • and lots more

    Learn ChessAnother interesting fact is that Morphy understood these concepts and ideas 150 years ago! It is mind-blowing how he was able to do so, while many chess players of today still struggle to understand chess completely.   You can watch the video lesson below:


      You can check the PGN of the game mentioned at the end of the video here.

    P.S. Did you enjoy this lesson? Please share this instructive lesson with your friends. Can you think of any other “greatest chess game(s)”? Feel free to comment below and discuss! :)


    Quick Succes in chess

    • ayush

      dear igor this is a fantastic and a great start of the master games morphy is supergenius man as kasparov said once.and dear igor i saw a lot of players biography and games in the lucas andersson channel with fm warren harper.

      • Igor Smirnov

        Hi Ayush,

        Indeed, Morphy is one the brightest players ever existed. Botvinnik stated that Morphy played open positions so well that no other player (after Morphy) could suggest any new ideas in this type of positions!

        If you have any wishes for the next games/players to cover – feel free to let me know.

        • ayush

          yes igor you are right fischer also is a great fan of murphy and he is really a genius chess he plays simulateous with 50 in row blindfold at france.and in 10hrs which is just extraordinary.dear sir could you please explain the games of shirov ??thanku

        • ayush

          hi dear igor,i have an idea could you please record your private training lectures and sell them in rca??like you sell your courses??it would be a great contribution to chess and we can learn a lot.

        • ayush

          dear igor if you like my idea of recording your private session as lilov do in his site please reply thankyu you are great.

          • RCA_moderator

            Hi Ayush,
            Igor is busy. So I will assist you.
            Thank you for the suggestion. It is interesting. We have webinars as premium videos which is very similar.

            Prasaadh | Student Support Officer

            • ayush

              hmmm thanku so much sir .i will be great pleasure for us to learn online from our coach.igor.igor approach is very different and easy to apply as compared to other gms.i find out that a lot of strong tilted players had same problems as other players had. in chess in very high level .their understanding is also weak.

    • sammy joshua

      Dear Igor smirnov thank you so much for such wounder full lesson i am very happy to hear a lesson from u after long time please do on alakhine,fisher ect other great players and on there games

      • Igor Smirnov

        Hi Sammy,

        I’m glad to know you enjoyed the lesson!

        Thanks for sharing your ideas regarding the future lessons! I have a tight schedule but will do my best to cover the players you asked for.

    • Jonathan

      I remember the first time I ever saw this Morphy game, and it was at that moment I learned that chess could be beautiful. I tried to play like Morphy for the next few weeks, though with varying degrees of success.

      My other favourite games include Rotlewi-Rubinstein and Alekhine-Book.

      • Igor Smirnov

        Thanks for mentioning your favorite games, Jonathan! I’ll take them into consideration for my future lessons.

        Morphy had that simple, effective and beautiful style. However, it’s not that simple to imitate this ‘simple’ style :)

    • Cypherinfo

      Hello, I am a beginner when it comes to chess (I have localized the Italian version of Chess Giants the next more advanced version of Chess Titans which first appeared in Windows 7); I have won some games in level 7 of Chess Titans. I wonder if Morphy was capable to become the world chess champions nowadays :) Thank you

      • Igor Smirnov

        Welcome on board! Every master was once a beginner :)

        Of course the famous players of the past (like Morphy) played not so powerful as the modern top players. However, if they would live nowadays, they would use computers and other tools, and would also play in line with modern champions.

    • Tumelo

      Ng6; KxNg6; g4xe5.

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