January 3, 2016

Top chess lessons of 2015 and how to study courses in Udemy

  • Grand Master Igor Smirnov, Chess Coach, Author and Publisher.
  • First, I want to remind you of the special offers. During this Holiday Season, we have released two new courses – “Your Top Chess Questions, Answered” and “Think, Plan and Win”. Also, I’ve provided you with some exciting offers.
    Special OffersUntil 4 January (included), you can get


    • 20% discount on ALL RCA products – use the discount code “20off”
    • FREE premium video for every course purchased
    • Special prize: All-time largest purchaser will get an Apple Watch
    • Special prize: Largest purchaser of 2015 will get a FREE course


    If you don’t know how to use a discount code, please check here. This is LAST reminder for you to grab these amazing offers, so don’t miss your chance! :)
    designAdditionally, since you have to study the new courses (and the upcoming courses) in the Udemy Platform, I’d like to guide you with a small and simple tutorial.


    In this tutorial, you will learn how to study the course you purchased in Udemy. You can watch that video below:



    Also, you can find the FAQs in our Support section about studying our courses in Udemy. For instance, you can learn about the course usage and pre-order questions. If you still have any doubts or problems, feel free contact our Support.
    designFinally, I’d like to give a very nice gift to you. During this Holiday Season, we’ve sent a special newsletter to our subscribers and provided them with a small, but essential gift. The gift is a summary of the Top-Three RCA Lessons of 2015! :)
    Top-3 Chess Lessons of 2015 - SummaryBased on the number of views and ‘likes’, we have selected the top-three video lessons of 2015 from our YouTube Channel and summarized each one. You can download the PDF summary by clicking here.


    Note: we’ve also shared other details in that newsletter for instance, our plans and goals for 2016. You can also share your “success story” with us. You can find all details in the newsletter here.
    • ayush

      thankyu so much dear igor you are just great .

      • Igor Smirnov

        Thanks for your continuous support, Ayush! This motivates me to keep working hard for you and the other students. Good luck!

        • ayush

          dear igor keep uploading your new courses on the udemy site it is very helpful to study your materials there.what about art of planning seminar of the course”think plan and win “

    • JOHNNY

      How can I know if I am the largest purshaser of 2015 ? I own almost everything at RCA .

      • RCA_moderator

        Hi Johnny,
        If you are either the largest purchaser of 2015 or all time largest purchaser.
        We will contact you if you are one of the above and provide the appropriate prizes.

        Student Support Officer

        • JOHNNY

          Thank you very much !!!

    • D’Juan Eastman

      I seriously hope that you will bring my favorite course to Udemy, Calculate Till Mate. My major goal is to reach 2000 or above by 45. I am 36. I wasn’t sure if there was a way, until I started this course, GMPU, and Self-taught Grandmaster. Still this course has been the heart of my training. I Have a huge 1,000 word mind map that was composes just on the first few lessons on candidate moves and I have already seen a lot of improvement through your deceptively simple method. A friend of mine who is a FM even notices. Although I am still working on training my thinking system, I would just like to say that I would gladly buy the course again on Udemy to get the increased mobility and cloud advantage that the platform offers. Finally, I have to say that your courses give me faith that I can train my way to my goals, I thank you for that. I would also like to suggest that you do an extensive course on attacking chess. I realize that it is an underlying theme in all of your courses that I have skimmed, I have all but two, but direct attention with your excellent teaching style would be an awesome product. Thanks again!

      • Igor Smirnov

        Thanks a lot for sharing your story and suggestions!
        It’s awesome that now you are on the right track, and know how to keep progressing. Best of luck!

        Ok, I’ll give a higher priority to “Calculate Till Mate” course while uploading the products to Udemy. At the same time, for your level, I would recommend to allocate more attention to the courses “The Grandmaster’s Secrets” and “The GM’s Positional Understanding”.

        Thanks for letting me know about your desire to get a new course about an attack – it’s noted, and I’ll definitely take it into account while planning future products.

        • D’Juan Eastman

          Thank you! I am halfway through the course and am up late composing a mind map of the The GM’s Positional Understanding right now. Your courses have saved me so much time and money. Thank you again.

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