15 best chess tips from top lessons of RCA in 2017

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It’s hard to believe that we’ve already passed seven months of this year – time flies. 🙂 During the first half of this year, we’ve published several lessons and a few courses for you. Today I’d like to share with you something special – 15 best chess tips from the top lessons of RCA in 2017 (so far).
15 best chess tipsBefore sharing those useful tips to you, I’d like to say something. We are striving hard to provide you with really HIGH-quality lessons and courses. We always take your suggestions and requests into account. RCA is growing constantly and we have several thousands of students and we give our best to satisfy everyone’s needs.

Today I’d really like to know YOUR NEEDS AND WISHES. We’re conducting a small survey to understand your thoughts better – the survey has only 7 questions and you can complete it within minutes.

Please take the survey and feel free to let us know your needs. As a thank you for participation, you can download the PDF “15 best chess tips from the top lessons of RCA in 2017” for FREE! 🙂 We keep your details confidential – it’s an anonymous survey.
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P.S. Guys, please take this survey – we’ll definitely do our best to give you what you ask for, just like we’ve been doing all these years. 🙂

Comments: 5

Comments 5

  1. RCA courses should be made by GM Smirnov, and not by other guest coaches. Listening and learning from someone you “trust” is easier and more fun.

  2. thankyou so much sir you are the best in the world you have done a lot of things to uplift chess throught your website and you have youtube sucriber more than anyone.thanks god bless you .i wish that we will meet soon in india.

    1. dear sir there are lot of super gm tournaments going on there all over the world famous tournaments mvl beats carseln today carlsen is losing rating points what do you think about the carlsen as a world champion because there is lot of pressure on him ??at his level ??

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