2 Best Games of Mikhail Tal – The Magician from Riga

Today we’re going to learn from the 8th World Chess Champion, Mikhail Tal, The Magician from Riga, who was widely regarded as a creative genius and one of the best attacking players of all time!

Tal played in a daring, combinatorial style. He was a Soviet Latvian chess Grandmaster and then to set few positions where he makes the brilliance. He was also a highly regarded chess writer.

Today our guest coach FM Marko Makaj would like to share with you the two best games of Mikhail Tal. While showing these games, Marko will teach you the key ideas that Tal used in his games so that you can incorporate them in your own games. 🙂

You can watch the video below:


Learn the “Mikhail Botvinnik’s winning method” now!


1. Play in an attacking style and take the initiative whenever you can
2. Learn to sacrifice without fear (when there are tactical possibilities)
3. Create mating attacks

P.S. Did you like this lesson? What do you like about Tal? Do you have any other favourite games of Tal? Please share them in the comments below. 🙂
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  • Anup rajawat

    Hello sir, In opposite coloured bishop positions what should be plan to not allow our opponents to reach drawish endgame ?

    • Hi Anup,
      The main idea is to ‘stretch’ opponent’s defense, in other words it’s called a ‘principle of 2 weaknesses’. This way you can break the fortress your opponent is trying to create. For instance:
      a) Create 2 passed pawns distant from each other (for example, one is on king-side and another one is on the queen-side).
      b) Attack opponent’s weak pawn in the center and create your passed pawn on another part of the board.

      • Anup rajawat

        ThanQ you sir for your Help. I am playing only chess for last 9 months i have study most of your course but still I am not able to get very good results I am trying my best .now I will again study each of your course for 21 days as you provided in self taught grand master. I have able to enhance so much valuable knowledge from your courses hope it will bring success to me one day 🙁 🙂 🙂

      • Ding

        Why to attack weak pawns in center;Igor ?

        • RCA_moderator

          In general, attacking opponents weak pawns is good because he has to use his pieces to defend. So forcing him to place his pieces in suboptimal squares. This will restrict opponents piece activity.

          Prasaadh | Support

  • Ding

    Hii igor, I want to tell you that your old courses are just brilliant you have provided lot of practical tasks in them which helps in digesting everything thoroughly.However in your new courses I have observed there less amount of work is provided in particular tasks Hope you will look into this matter. I will request you to prepare practice tasks for new courses like have you prepared in GM positional Understanding courses and in many other old courses ..

    • RCA_moderator

      Thanks for the compliments.

      We will make a note about your suggestions regarding the practical part of our courses and look into it while making a new course.

      Prasaadh | Support

    • Hi Ding,
      Some students complained that it takes too long time to study 1 course (taking into account all the video lessons and practical tasks). Hence, we made recent courses to be suitable for quicker study.

      It’s hard to find proper balance between thorough analysis of the subject, and keeping it short and sweet for a student. We’ll take your note into account to keep improving.

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