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20 interesting and funny photos that summarize the World Chess Championship 2016

20 interesting and funny photos that summarize the World Chess Championship 2016

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designWe’ve had some great entertainment over the past twenty days with some amazing games from two great chess players, Magnus Carlsen and Sergey Karjakin, in the World Championship match. The former successfully retained his title after the tense tie-break games. If you missed the tie-break games, you can find them here.


Now sit back and relax, as we’ll see this 20-day journey summarized by 20 interesting, cool and funny photos. 🙂

carlsen vs karjakin world championship #1 – The players after drawing colours (photo: Albert Silver)


carlsen karjakin handshake world championship #2 – A disappointed Carlsen extending his hand to Karjakin after missing a win in Game-3


magnus carlsen relaxing sleeping #3 – Carlsen stretched out on the couch, while Karjakin is locked in thought, during Game-4


fabiano caruana tweet #4 – Fabiano Caruana’s tweet, acknowledging Karjakin’s defensive skills


Carlsen sad, Karjakin happy #5 – Karjakin looks like he has won a free mountain bike, while Carlsen looks like his crush won’t text him back. 🙂


Carlsen vs Karjakin Game-8 #6 – The first decisive game of the WC match, Game-8


Carlsen vs Karjakin pressure

#7 – Carlsen feeling the pressure during Game-8: “Uneasy lies the head that wears a crown….”


Carlsen resigns vs Karjakin

#8 – That’s probably how Magnus Carlsen’s fans would have reacted to Game-8


Carlsen resigns vs Karjakin Game-8 #9 – Especially fans from India, who woke to this surprising turn of events


Carlsen vs Karjakin tweets #10 – The tweets by Nakamura, Howell, Giri and Short say it all!


Carlsen leaves press conference

#11 – A frustrated Magnus Carlsen has left and did not attend the press conference


Karjakin vs Carlsen
#12 – A photo edit by a chess fan, Bobby Fiske, before Game-9, saying: “The World Champion is fighting for his chess life!


Karjakin vs Carlsen Game-10 #13 – The second decisive game of the WC match, Game-10, where Carlsen levelled the score


Karjakin vs Carlsen Game-10

#14 – Chess is brutal! The first crack in Karjakin’s World Championship dream


Carlsen Karjakin Game-10 press #15 – A happy Carlsen, and sad Karjakin, after Game-10


Carlsen Karjakin Game-10 #16 – Magnus Carlsen’s cool pose during Game-11


Fabiano Caruana surprised #17 – Fabiano Caruana was surprised that Carlsen did not even try to capitalize on his White game (Game-12) but went directly for the tie-breaks


Magnus Carlsen beats Sergey Karjakin

#18 – The winning moment – 50.Qh6+ is the way to wrap up the best possible (Carlsen’s) birthday gift!


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Happy Birthday song Magnus Carlsen

#19 – The crowd sang “Happy Birthday” to Magnus Carlsen – click on the image to watch the video clip.


Magnus Carlsen World Champion 2016 trophy #20 – Magnus Carlsen with the trophy – enjoying his best birthday! 🙂


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