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3 Important Rules to Defend Successfully!

3 Important Rules to Defend Successfully!

Today we are going to discuss about an interesting chess topic – defense. Nobody likes to defend the position. We always love to keep our pieces active, attack our opponent, and win the game. At the same time, our opponents love to do the same just as well. Therefore, you have to be ready to successfully defend (or counter-attack) when your opponent tries to attack you.

In the following video lesson, Angelos Kesaris explains 3 important rules to successfully defend a position. They are:

1. Bring your queen to the defense
2. Play actively, try to counterattack
3. Look for tactics to simplify the position

1. Bring Your Queen to the Defense

Yes, you read that right. The queen is such a powerful piece, thanks to its ability to move in all directions, that not only do you include it in your attack, but also to your defense in some cases.

2. Play Actively, Try to Counterattack

Second, you don’t just want to play passively trying to defend your position. Try to play as active as you can and see if you can counterattack your opponent. This has two purposes: you attack your opponent and defend your position at the same time!

3. Look for Tactics to Simplify the Position

Don’t hesitate to sacrifice a pawn or a piece to dilute your opponent’s attack. Also, keep an eye on the pieces which are in close contact – there’s always an opportunity for a sharp tactical blow to simplify the position, and even get an advantage.

Watch the video lesson below (also, Angelos challenges you with an interesting puzzle at the end):

You can find the solution to the puzzle shown at the end and the PGN of all games below:

I hope you enjoy reading this blog post.

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