3 Ideas to Play Better in Open Center Positions

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Sometimes, it’s quite confusing when both you and your opponent do not have any pawns in the central d- and e-files, right? Because there is an open center, you might not be sure where to attack. Today our guest coach IM Mateusz Kolosowski has prepared an instructive video lesson, in which he explains how to play in open center positions.

In this video lesson, IM Mat will share with you 3 key ideas to play well in such positions. You can watch the video below:


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Mateusz Kolosowski is an International Master from Poland. He has a FIDE standard rating of 2448 and a blitz rating of 2511.
IM Mateusz KolosowskiHe repeatedly competed in the finals of the Polish Junior Championships in various age categories. In 2010, in Karpacz, he won the title of runner-up of Poland. In the same year he represented the national colors of the Junior European Championships held in Batumi, taking the 5th place!


1. Activity and initiative are two decisive factors in such positions.
2. Control the central open file which has more potential or more pieces.
3. Bishops are more powerful than knights in open positions –try to exchange your knight for your opponent’s bishop, and don’t give up your bishop.

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Comments: 7

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