3 important principles of pawn storm

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The pawn storm is generally regarded as a situation in which the pawns form a ‘chain’ are creating a ‘storm’ with the main aim of attacking the opponent’s king by opening lines (files) for attack. Pawn storm often facilitates sudden tactics and fiercely sacrifices that allow one to deliver a successful attack against the opponent’s King.

There are certain important principles you should keep in mind when you want to attack your opponent’s king with a pawn storm or to successfully defend your opponent’s pawn storm. What are they? 🙂

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Today our guest coach IM Asaf Givon will share these secrets with you. He has prepared a very instructive video in which he will share the ideas that helped him to play in this strong and competitive manner. You can watch the video below:


  • Put your King to the other side of the board (opposite to the side of your ‘pawn storm’) before starting the pawn storm
    • When your opponent starts a pawn storm on one side, you should close the lines (files) there
      •  Try to exchange your opponent’s key defensive piece – eliminating the defender
      • Suggested
        you may like to see our lesson on “Basic conditions for a successful attack” which also deals with the pawn storm and the pawn islands.


        Author information

        IM Asaf Givon


        Asaf Givon is an International Master from Kfar Saba, Israel. His age is 22 and playing chess since 7. He is also playing for the Kfar Saba team in the first Israeli Chess League. He got the IM title in 2013, and ever since then, he is on the road to achieve the GM title. He currently has 2 norms.


        He is teaching chess since he was 16 and he’s always very happy to teach people and to spread his love to the game.




        P.S. Have you won any game(s) with pawn storm or successfully defended your opponent’s pawn storm? 🙂 Please write in the comments below.

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        Comments: 13

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        1. thanks dear igor for this nice article and asaf givon as a coach.dear sir i want to know how to improve thought process and how to improve at chess when you crosses your peak for example 2300 level what to do after 2300 level on regular basis to improve??

          1. I’m not sure if you talk about 2300 FIDE or internet game zone rating. Anyhow, some general recommendations are:
            a) Strive to play more games against 2400-2500 players. You can’t achieve this level if you never/rarely play against players of that player.
            b) Always check yourself (with coach or computer) to make sure that you keep following the base principles (stated in RCA courses like “The GM’s Secrets”). Based on my experience, I can confidently say that very often students start deviating from the right path, and this should be monitored and corrected.
            c) The question you asked is so huge, all the RCA lessons answer it in a way 🙂 Check the course ‘Self-taught GM’ – it contains everything you need for organising your effective training process.

            Good luck!

            1. okk sir thankyou so much for this nice advice nowaday i have reached my peak and i started working with computers to imporve thought process and i play against players with 2400 to 2600 .on chess db.com dear sir i was talking about 2300 level of play how to go beyond that.??in real tournaments.

        2. The video still doesn’t play. I don’t see the point in posting video if you don’t have the bandwidth. It doesn’t reflect well on your organization (if any).

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