3 Important Principles to Win Knight Endgames


Today we’re going to discuss about some of the most important rules and principles regarding the knight endgames. The knight endgames are no different from other endgames – of course, there are specific differences that make them much more critical, but it’s all about activity.

Let me show you an example:

Black is having a very strong knight on c3 and a very good, centralized king. And now it’s time for him to find out a way on how to use these pieces to enhance his position. Please take a few minutes, think seriously, and try to find out the winning plan for Black.

After that, you can watch the very instructive video lesson by our guest coach IM Valeri Lilov (who is also the author of our course “Converting Your Advantage into a Full Point”) below:


Conclusions – Knight Endgames

1) Make sure that your knight finds

a. More active/advanced position, and
b. More effective place from where it can attack/affect the play

2) Never forget the value of the king. Centralizing it often brings it more power than the rook itself!

3) Pawn advances and exchanges are critical, as they can often lead to weaknesses or help make passed pawns. Always be very careful with the pawn moves.

You can download the PGN of the games analyzed in the video below:

P.S. Did you like this video lesson? Which was your favorite example from this video? 🙂
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