3 Tips to Improve the Position of Your Pieces in the Middlegame


Do you remember any of your games where some of your pieces were ‘locked’, became too passive and you couldn’t find a way to improve their positions whatsoever? Let me show you an example to give you a better idea of what I’m talking about.
middlegame position

Black to play

Imagine you’re playing Black here. Take a couple of minutes and try to evaluate the position. What do you think the right way to continue the game is? What piece(s) of Black are passive and need to be improved? Where would you place them? And most importantly, HOW would you do that?

Most players would be able to ask these questions themselves when playing a game, but they would find it difficult to convert them into a concrete plan to improve the position of the pieces.

To help you understand how to do so, our guest coach FM Marko Makaj has prepared an instructive video lesson, where he will give you 3 simple tips to find a better position for your passive piece(s). You can watch the video lesson below and see if your evaluation is right:

3 Tips to Improve the Position of Your Pieces:

1) Spot the pieces whose position needs to be improved – determining WHAT needs to be improved.
2) Find the best squares for those pieces – determining WHERE to improve them.
3) Find a plan or sequence of moves to know how to do that – the process of MANEUVERING.

About the author

FM Marko Makaj
Marko Makaj is from Croatia. He is a FIDE Master with an ELO of around 2350 and a chess trainer. He has held this title since 2008. Unfortunately, he doesn’t have time to play in tournaments in order to achieve the title of IM or GM. He has been working as a coach for over 15 years and many of his students have achieved great results.

how to analyze chess games


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