3 Tips to the Realization of the Material Advantage

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Most of my students often say to me this: “I am able to reach a winning position OR get an advantage, but I’m not able to convert it into a win.” Unfortunately, many chess players face this problem, and poor thing, this topic of the realization of advantage is often neglected. As a result, they keep failing converting the advantage into a win most of the times.

It’s because we have been told that whenever we get a winning position or an advantage, say material advantage, it’s just a matter of technique to convert it into a win and we should be able to do that without much trouble.
converting material advantageHowever, that’s not the case always. It’s not just a cakewalk every time. Sometimes, we have troubles realizing our advantage and converting it into a win. And sometimes, our opponent would be a good player, who won’t give up easily and will give us a hard time winning the game.

So, how to overcome this? If you face the same problem, then you can’t just ignore this IMPORTANT topic –because, you wouldn’t be able to convert the advantages into a win in your games. That’s why to help you, our guest coach, IM Asaf Givon, has prepared a very instructive video lesson.

In this lesson, he will share with you 3 tips, so that you can implement them in YOUR games, and therefore convert your advantage into a win. 🙂 You can watch the video lesson below:



1) Be aware of your opponent’s potential counterplay at all times.
2) Try to simplify the position when you have an advantage.
3) Don’t rush, be patient!

P.S. Did you like this game? Have you ever successfully converted your advantage into a win in your games? 🙂 If so, please share them with us below.
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Comments: 1

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