30% discount on middlegame chess courses


Today, I’d like to remind you of the huge 30% discount we’re providing you with on RCA’s two middlegame chess courses – “Calculate Till Mate” and “Your Winning Plan”. Use the discount code “middlegame”, which is valid only till Sunday 31 July (tomorrow). If you don’t know how to use a discount code, please see here.

30% discountMost chess players face this problem – the confusion about what to do in the middlegame? That’s why I recommend you to study our two middlegame courses.


Calculate Till Mate:


If you have always wanted to win more games, and win them in a fine, attacking, tactical, and entertaining style that will win your fellow players’ admiration, this course is for you. You will learn how to calculate like a strong Grandmaster, completely eliminate blunders from your play, find tactical blows in most games you play, and nuke your opponents with them.


You will get an efficient and strong thinking system that GMs use day-in and day-out, in addition to the mental shortcuts that will cut in half the time you spend analyzing positions and calculating variations.


The coupon “middlegame” will cut about $45 off this course – wow, that’s huge! 🙂


Below are some of the feedback from my students who have already studied this course:


Karthik V AP
Through the course ‘Calculate till Mate’, my calculating ability has changed completely, and it has opened my eyes to the vast vista of opportunities to develop the most interesting moves against tough opponents. And now (finally as of now), even strong engines like Houdini cannot find my move made in the game and my moves are now considered the best in-line continuation.

– Karthik V AP


Igor TeplyiI decided to buy your chess course “CALCULATE TILL MATE” and was absolutely amazed by how much valuable information it contains! I started thinking more and more about my thinking algorithms and tried to improve them. Finally, one month ago I made my final IM-norm and became an International Master.

– Igor Teplyi

Calculat Till Mate

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Your Winning Plan:


Planning is one of the MOST important skills in chess! This course gives you an integrated system of middlegame planning. Using this unique method, you will be able to find the right plan in any position.


You’ll learn the following from this course:


  • When should you compose a plan?
  • Which plan is the best in most positions?
  • Three types of situations when you should attack on one side
  • When to move pawns and when to avoid pawn moves?
  • When you should play vigorously and when you should not hurry?
  • And lots more


You’ll save about $18 on this course if you use the coupon “middlegame”.


Below is a feedback message from one my students who has already studied this course:


First of all, this course is really excellent. I know from my practice that detecting weaknesses in my opponent’s position is relatively easy compared to finding the right way to attack them. But Grandmaster Igor Smirnov shows exactly how to proceed in concrete situations on the board. “Your Winning Plan” is a complete and easy system of thinking that can be practiced with a practical part. I think it’s great material for many hours of further training.

– Pawel Panas


Your Winning Plan

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Note: you can find the complete testimonials of these students (and others) here.


Studying these two courses will help you understand the middlegame scenario. They will help you build a strong foundation and this will make it easier for you to study the upcoming course “Winning the Middlegame” – and digest its ideas – and you will truly master the middlegame! 🙂


Once again, this is limited-period offer and the LAST date for you to use the coupon “middlegame” will be tomorrow (Sunday 31 July). Don’t miss it!


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