4 Key Principles to Win Queen-Rook Endgames

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The queen and rook endgames are among the most important and critical endgames. The main reason is that they are heavy pieces (or major pieces) and they can move several squares in a single move –they can be transferred from one place to another easily.

It’s necessary for every chess player to give importance to such endgames and learn the key strategies of queen-rook endgames (or major piece endgames). Today, our guest coach IM Asaf Givon will share with you 4 principles to win major piece endgames. You can watch his instructive video lesson below:



1) Pawn weaknesses or pawn islands are extremely significant in a major-piece endgame (queen and rook endgame).

2) Domination in the position: For example, controlling the only open file in a major-piece endgame gives you the advantage.

3) Principle of the two weaknesses: Sometimes, you should create two weaknesses for your opponent in order to exploit them. The two weaknesses are combined to give you a victory – because sometimes a single weakness in your opponent’s position might not guarantee you a win.

4) King’s weakness is a very important factor: Even if your opponent’s king is a little bit exposed, it gives you a significant advantage.

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You can download the PGN of these games below:

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Comments: 2

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