4 useful tips to avoid blunders

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Blunders are always a nightmare for most chess players, even in the top GMs level. It is one of the worst feelings for a chess player when he makes a blunder – even worse, it could haunt you for days and sometimes it can never be forgotten.

So here comes the question: how to avoid blunders?

Before that, let’s try to find out the reasons for blunders. A blunder is usually caused by some tactical oversight, time trouble, overconfidence or carelessness.

To answer the above question our guest coach IM David Miedema has prepared a very instructive video lesson, where he gives you 4 useful tips to avoid blunders.

In this video he’ll show you two of his games: one, which he lost very quickly due to blunders and the other one, where he did almost everything right. You can watch the video lesson below:



What are the 4 tips?

  •  Be fresh – sleep well
    •  Keep developing your pieces
      •  If you attack your opponent’s queen, there is always a possibility for intermediates moves – remember, an attack to the king, NOT queen, is a check
        •  Try to remove your pieces from the active squares ONLY IF they are threatened directly

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          Author information
          IM David Miedema

          David Miedema is an International Master from the Netherlands. His biggest achievements include:


          –> 6th of the Netherlands, beating Anish Giri in the process, twice.

          –> Winning the Neckar open in 2010


          He gained crucial fun skills in teaching chess. He will be traveling around Europe making videos and live in nomad lifestyle.





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          P.S. Do you like IM David Miedema’s lessons? What tips do you follow to avoid blunders? Please let us know by writing in the comments below – let’s discuss! 🙂
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          Comments: 9

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