5 Greatest Queen Sacrifices by Magnus Carlsen

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Today I’ve recorded a very interesting video lesson for you, in which I will show you the 5 greatest queen sacrifices by the World Champion Magnus Carlsen. By watching this video, not only you will be admiring the brilliant sacrifices by Carlsen, but you will be able to benefit for yourself, and use some of these ideas in YOUR OWN games.

While watching this video, you know there is some sacrifice (as you know the title of the article/video) and you will be looking for these sacrifices. Nevertheless, when it comes to your own games, given a practical situation, you might not be finding such brilliant sacrifices and combinations, or not be willing to take the risk. Therefore, I will be teaching you how you can find such moves during your games.

The victims of these sacrifices include Wesley So, Sergey Karjakin, Viswanathan Anand, and one of the five sacrifices was made by Carlsen when he was just 12-years old! 🙂 You can watch the video lesson below:

You can find the solution to the puzzle below:

You can find all the games shown in the video below:

Complete Courses Mentioned In The Lesson:

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P.S. How did you like my video lesson after quite a long time? 🙂 Please share your thoughts in the comments below. Also, please tell us which your favourite sacrifice was?
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Comments: 6

Comments 6

  1. the combination agaisnt Wesley So is my favourite, we can see that Carlsen prepared the conterblow with his previous move.

  2. The solution of the last problem is 1.Qxg5+ fxg5 2.Rf7+ Kh8/h6 3.Rxh7#. Very impressive sacrifice by Magnus Carlsen.!!!

  3. i find all the queen sac very easily igor sir that is grat carslen is just genius to chess that is why he is wch for so long let us see what will happen with caruana match this november do you watch it live sir igor thanks ??waht do you think about indian prodigy D gukesh performance at isle of man international event thxx

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