5 Interesting Games from the Tata Steel Chess 2018

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Magnus Carlsen won his record sixth Tata Steel Chess title last month. He beat Anish Giri in the tiebreaks, as they both were tied with 9.0/13 points. Also, this was the first time that a blitz playoff was used to determine the winner in Wijk aan Zee. This was Carlsen’s first classical round-robin tournament win since July, 2016 in Bilbao.
magnus carlsen vs anish giri tata steel chess

(photo: Alina l’Ami, official site)

Today, I’d like to share with you some of the interesting games from this Masters Tournament. 🙂 I’m sure you will enjoy watching them.

Hou Yifan – Matlakov

yifan vs matlakov

Black to play

Black looks better in this position, because his pieces are more active. How would you proceed here as Black?


Svidler – Hou Yifan

svidler vs yifan

White to play

Black has a strong passed pawn on the d3–square. What can White do about it? Can you find a way to stop it from getting promoted?


Mamedyarov – Wei Yi

It’s White here in this position who has a passed pawn. How can he promote it?


Carlsen – Jones

carlsen vs jones

Black to play

The World Champion has just blundered by playing 17.g4? Can you see why? How should Black proceed?


Svidler – Carlsen

svidler vs carlsen

Black to play

Svidler took the pawn on d5. Would you take with the knight or with the rook?


After calculating all possible variations, you can find the complete games below:

P.S. Did you follow this tournament? What was your favourite game and why? Comment your thoughts below. 🙂
how to analyze chess games

Comments: 6

Comments 6

  1. Hello Igor,nowadays I am preparing my thinking system by playing against Computer I have some problems I usually get tired after playing 18-19 moves and after that I don’t able to calculate in tactical positions . Can you please tel me how to cope up with these problems ?

    1. hahahahha computer is above magnus carlsen hence no strategy works with it he is anot a human player in which physocology or anything works yaar great comic question 3535 rating of fide it has

    2. Hi Anup,

      It’s hard to be on par with computer when in comes to tactics and calculations. We make ‘sudden’ oversights in almost every games VS comp 🙂 It’s normal. You play against computer for training only, while your real target is humans.

      Talking about your question, to avoid oversights, it’s more important to make ‘anti-blunder check’ rather than making deep calculations. “Self-taught Grandmaster” course put special attention to this subject and you can find lots of relevant lessons on our website as well: https://chess-teacher.com/shop/chess-courses/self-taught-grandmaster/

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