5 Lessons I Have Learned from 25 Years in Chess

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Second, I’d like to thank you for all your wishes and the birthday greetings you sent to me! 🙂 This is very touching, and it also motivated me to do something nice for you. That’s why I decided to take this opportunity to summarize my entire experience over all of these years:

-> my own experience as a chess player in the amateur level,
-> and later on, from a Grandmaster level,
-> from the RCA students

There’s really an extensive feedback on what works for chess players and what doesn’t. I’ve summarized them all in this video lesson “5 Lessons I Have Learned from 25 Years in Chess”. If you follow these 5 tips, it will ensure your smooth and constant chess progress.

Complete Courses Mentioned In The Lesson: 

-> “7 Keys to Victory” – contains the 7 principles to follow during a game of chess in order to “stay on track” in any position.
-> “The Grandmaster’s Positional Understanding” – this best-selling course already helped hundreds of students to get the qualitative leap in their chess development.

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Comments: 10

Comments 10

  1. this is great dearr igor sir you are the best as a chess coach and chess player 4 million sucriber wow great in chess so many chess lovers and players .thx for teh brilliant article thxx

  2. That was a really helpful video. Thanks for posting it. May I make a suggestion? You have written two fine e-books, one on chess psychology and one on your chess career. I would love to read a book of your best games. You have a wonderful ability to explain high level ideas in a way that is instructive to average players. I think that we could learn a lot from your annotations to your best games.

    1. I am happy you liked the video!

      Thanks for your suggestion, I’ll consider it for sure.
      It seems to me that people rather prefer videos (instead of ebooks). What’s your take on this?

      1. you can make vidoes and studuy courses on how super gms study chess pratice their chess at highest level what order they work on in chess .thxx

      2. Thank you for responding. I personally prefer a book to a video because I can more easily control the pace that I study the material at. However, I respect the fact that you have to make your products to appeal to the most people. I would support either a book or a set of videos.

  3. Hi Igor! Great lessons!

    I’m sure you occasionally play blitz games in your free time, so why not record the session and upload them? I think it’d be very entertaining.
    And by the way, make sure to create an account on lichess and not play anonymously, and also drag the pieces 😀

    1. Hey Lovro. Thanks for the idea. Few students have requested this. We will make a note of it. Anyway are you watching the speed chess championship that is happening?

    2. Hi Lovro,

      During a blitz game it would be really hard to explain anything really. On the other hand, it’s fun to observe blitz games, and maybe you can still learn some small tips. What’s your take on this?

      1. Well it depends. I’ve seen lots Hikaru’s 3 min blitz stream and he does explain a lot, although when he gets into time trouble he can’t really talk. But yeah it’s true that watching blitz is mainly for entertainment.

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