5 Lessons I Have Learned from 25 Years in Chess


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Second, I’d like to thank you for all your wishes and the birthday greetings you sent to me! 🙂 This is very touching, and it also motivated me to do something nice for you. That’s why I decided to take this opportunity to summarize my entire experience over all of these years:

-> my own experience as a chess player in the amateur level,
-> and later on, from a Grandmaster level,
-> from the RCA students

There’s really an extensive feedback on what works for chess players and what doesn’t. I’ve summarized them all in this video lesson “5 Lessons I Have Learned from 25 Years in Chess”. If you follow these 5 tips, it will ensure your smooth and constant chess progress.

Complete Courses Mentioned In The Lesson: 

-> “7 Keys to Victory” – contains the 7 principles to follow during a game of chess in order to “stay on track” in any position.
-> “The Grandmaster’s Positional Understanding” – this best-selling course already helped hundreds of students to get the qualitative leap in their chess development.

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