Top 5 ways to improve your chess skills

I know the question which has stuck in your head: “How can I improve myself?” This is a very logical question and today I’d like to help you to improve your chess skills. There is only one thing which every chess player wants: to become a better player, am I right? 🙂

Of course, everyone is different; everyone has their own personalities and their own pace of learning. However, if you are realistic about your goal, to become step by step a better player, then you can achieve it! In other words, make a plan according to your available time and passion for studying chess.

In this article I’ll tell you the top 5 training tips, regardless of your level in chess, which can help you go through this process. The main idea is that you work on any of the following topics and switch them during your training. So let’s get started!

1. Tactical Play

Tactics is one of the most important elements in chess. After a tactical combination you can win or lose a piece, and therefore the game afterwards!

My first advice for you is to work on your tactics by solving exercises within a time limit. For instance, 1 to 3 minutes per puzzle is OK.

2. Make plans

chess planAs we discussed in the beginning, we need to make plans. Our strategic plan is to get improved in chess. Similar situations can happen during the game. At the beginning of the chess game, develop all of your pieces. This is a simple and effective plan. Then you may try to attack the opponent’s King by bringing your pieces next to him.

However, the chess game is a little bit more complicated than that. Sometimes you need to focus on a weak pawn and sometimes on an unprotected King. In the other words, you need to have a plan. My suggestion for you is to give a role, a scope to your pieces and they will do their best for you. 🙂

3. Endgame Play

Yeah, I know. Some of you might ‘hate’ endgames. You may really like Tal’s quote “In the endgame I’ll be one piece up or down, so there is no need to study the endgame!” However, if you know, at least, the basics of endgames then your general chess skills will improve significantly. You’ll know when to go in one particular endgame or not.

My advice is to start from the basics. Endgames will never change. In the light of that, you need to learn them only one time in your life.
capablanca chess quote

4. Analysis of your own games

There are no serious chess players who would never analyze their own games. After all, it is a game played by YOU. You will have more interest than anyone else to know what happened there and what were your opportunities to win it, am I right?

My suggestion is to work deeply on your own experiences over the board. Analyze your games with your opponent, your chess friends and, of course, with the help of the computer.

5. Opening Play

Nowadays we have huge chess databases and plenty of opening information. My suggestion is to invest time in this topic and be ahead of your opponents! It is quite tempting to try to figure out everything at home, isn’t it?

Last but not least, chess is a board game. You are a player. You aren’t on a hard 8-hour work. These 64 squares could ‘escape’ you from all of your day-to-day problems and they let you enter into an amazing new world. These 64 squares are a cool way to use your imagination and intelligence to win one game after the other and win trophies.

you may like to read the article “Chess, Life and Happiness” written by an RCA student.

My final suggestion is to be motivated. The reason in the above lines could be a strong motivation to you and I hope that you enjoy chess as much I do, so this could be the most motivating way to study, train and play chess!

P.S. I hope you find these tips interesting and you are very welcome to give your feedback and your thoughts on how to improve – feel free to write in the comments below. 🙂
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