6 Best Games of the World Rapid Chess Championship 2017


The King Salman World Rapid Chess Championship concluded on 28 December, and the 48-year old former World Champion Viswanathan Anand won the event and became the new World Rapid Champion after defeating Vladimir Fedoseev in the tiebreaks.

According to the tournament regulations, “if there is a tie for the 1st place, the 2 top players according to the first eligible tiebreak criterion will play a play-off.” Ian Nepomniachtchi had the worst tiebreak and therefore won the bronze medal.
Vishy Anand world rapid champion riyadh 2018

Viswanathan Anand with his trophy – he surely ended 2017 with a bang! (photo: official site)

Ju Wenjun of China played very fighting games and she dominated the Women’s Rapid Chess Championship. She was the clear winner with 11.5/15 points.
Ju Wenjun women world rapid champion riyadh 2018

Ju Wenjun with her trophy! (photo: official site)

Today I would like to share with you some of the interesting games from the tournament – you can find them below. 🙂

Game-1: Magnus Carlsen – Bu Xiangzhi (0-1)

Magnus lost to Bu in the FIDE World Cup 2017 as well. You can find that game here.

Game-2: Luke McShane – Igor Khenkin (1-0)

The Bxh7+ sacrifices never fail to amaze me! 🙂

Game-3: Viswanathan Anand – Anton Demchenko (1-0)

Never delay castling when you are playing against the ‘Madras Tiger’!

Game-4: Lei Tingjie – Ju Wenjun (0-1)

That was a beautiful game from the Women’s Rapid Champion, wasn’t it?

Game-5: Sergey Karjakin – Andrey Esipenko (0-1)

One of the big surprises was when Karjakin lost to Esipenko in such a disastrous manner!

Game-6: Baadur Jobava – Shakhriyar Mamedyarov (0-1)

A fantastic demonstration of the opposite-side castling attack by the Azerbaijani!

P.S. What’s your favorite game from the tournament? What do you think about Anand becoming the Champion, when many people said that it’s time for him to retire? Feel free to comment below. 🙂
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