7 Best Chess Opening Traps in the Scandinavian Defense
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RCA YouTube 100K Celebration + Scandinavian Defense Traps

RCA YouTube 100K Celebration + Scandinavian Defense Traps

Recently the RCA YouTube channel crossed the 100K subscribers’ milestone with more than 12 million views, and we take this opportunity to thank you all for your consistent support! 😊. It’s a great honour and privilege for me and the RCA Team to be able to provide you with high quality chess lessons.

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But wait, the celebration isn’t over… I’ve published a new video lesson today where I talk about the 7 best chess opening traps in the Scandinavian Defense. A lot of you have requested us to do a video on this, and so here it comes! 😊

The Scandinavian Defense follows the opening moves 1.e4 d5, which is a very common choice of opening for those below a 2000 rating. A lot of chess players like to play this opening because it’s a bit tricky. In this video lesson, I’ll be sharing with you the traps that you can use either for White or for Black and, therefore, you can use them regardless of the color you are playing.

You can download the PGN of all these traps below:

I hope you enjoy reading this blog post.

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