7 years of Remote Chess Academy!

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Today, 7 November, is the 7th anniversary of the Remote Chess Academy (RCA). We take this moment to thank all our students (YOU) who made this possible! 🙂  We could not have done this if it was not for you.
GM Igor Smirnov Remote Chess AcademyTherefore, in this article, we’ll share you with some great moments of RCA, what we’ve been through, and most importantly, our students’ (your) growth and success. Below, you can find the journey of RCA, in short:



Success of RCA students


  • How studying my course helped win a game against a Grandmaster – LINK
  • How the course “GM’s Opening Lab” helped win a game against a FM – LINK
  • How an RCA Student improved his strategic and planning skills – LINK  
  • How attending one of my webinars helped a student win an important round in an important tournament – LINK
  • And several other testimonials that you can find here (or write in the comments below if you haven’t shared them yet).


What students say about me/RCA


Below you can find some interesting feedback/messages from our students in chess forums and social media:
chess forum GM Igor Smirnov

In a chess forum


In RCA Facebook page


Did I get ‘confused’ with king and queen?!


One of the students posted in a chess forum, the following message:
GM Igor Smirnov funny chessWell, I don’t exactly remember or completely understand what he was talking about. Maybe, it was in a video lesson where I, by mistake, might have misspelled it as king instead of queen (or the other way round). 🙂 I’m sorry if that’s what it is.


Or maybe, it’s because of my ‘unique’ accent (as some people say) that the student might have misunderstood what I said.


Funny chess memes of RCA


If you’ve “Liked” our Facebook page, then you would receive some interesting content like chess news, interesting games and puzzles, interviews with top players, discussions, surprising chess facts, funny images or chess memes.


Below you can find some of the funniest chess memes of RCA Facebook page:
Remote Chess Academy memes funny Vishy AnandNote: in the above picture, it’s not the actual game, they were just analyzing it. But wasn’t the meme funny? 🙂


Suggested: you may like to see how Korchnoi ‘escaped’ from the touch-move rule here.

Remote Chess Academy memes funny Vishy Anand

Have you ever been like this in boring math classes?

Remote Chess Academy memes funny Fabiano Caruana

Not all players know to use this powerful ‘tactic’! 🙂

Remote Chess Academy memes funny

Ever had this experience in restaurants?


Don’t forget to “Like” our Facebook page if you want to receive such memes and interesting chess content!


I hope you enjoyed reading this article. Finally, if you have something to say about RCA or about me, please feel free to write them in the comments below. Thank you, once again! 🙂


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Comments: 15

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  1. Congratulations on seven strong years, RCA and GM Smirnov!

    As for my own results, I was an 1800 player for years. I couldn’t get over it. I began studying RCA’s courses seriously two years ago, and now my online rating is over 2100, and I’m within shouting distance of 2200. It’s made a huge difference, and I can’t recommend them (especially GMPU) enough.

    1. Congrats Jonathan!!
      That’s a great achievement. Keep training and all the best for your chess progress.

      Prasaadh | Support Officer

  2. Congratulations!!! Just looking at the achievements and the good Remote Chess Academy has done these 7 years makes me so happy! You are, in my opinion, the best chess website/organization ever, and the Igor, is the best chess teacher ever! What in my opinion Igor’s secrets are to such coaching/teaching success, are these key factors:
    1. Very practical – I have pretty much never read a book whose material would be easily implemented in practice, but Igor’s material, Igor’s is just fantastic!
    2. System of Understanding – Now this is something fantastic that rarely any material could give you except of Igor’s one. Just like in maths, chess needs to be understood systematically, which he has done in lot of his courses, notable ones: Grandmaster’s Positional Understanding and Calculate Till Mate where Igor explains the whole logic of chess basically.
    3. System of Thinking – Now which chess book provides you with material that gives you thinking algorithm in chess game, that could at least be a firm background to be improved according to your needs or understanding? 😉
    Thanks a lot and keep doing all the great work, Igor!
    Best Regards, Lovro 🙂

  3. Congratulations to Igor and all of your staff and support teams for your many success-filled years!

    It is amazing how much information you are able to produce for your students, and so much of it for free. Voluminous!

    Indeed a LABOR OF LOVE! The words “thank you” hardly seem enough. Very grateful that you have pursued being a teacher as well as GM!

    1. Hi Fay,
      Thank you for your warm words.
      This would not have been possible without the constant support of our students.

      Prasaadh | Support Officer

  4. congrats dear igor this acadmey is great help mei a lot you are also great person and coach i respect you a lot please help mei to improve further giv emei your suggestions

  5. The course is very efficient and interesting but I ordered and ^paid two of them 3 years ago and it never worked !
    Prasaadh promised me several times he would send me the dvd ( after 3 years …) But I never never get any dvd or complete RCA’s course .
    Pay me back please.

    1. Hi Jean,
      We are extremely sorry for the trouble that you faced.
      There was a problem while sending replacement DVD to our shipping company.
      I have contacted to your e-mail regarding the refund.

      Prasaadh | Support Officer

      1. Hi Ayush,
        GM Igor has a busy schedule and let me give you my opinion.
        Unfortunately, I am not aware of this chess academy. I would recommend that you check online or ask students who are studying the academy.

        Prasaadh | Support Officer

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