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I’m glad to talk to you again after a little while. I hope your chess training is going well and successfully, and, more importantly, that you enjoy your success. 🙂


If you’re receiving my FREE training course, “Quick Success in Chess” (LINK), you will be aware that it is not just important to have a proper training method.

Most importantly, you need to check whether your training gives you positive and constant results. And that is what is called an improvement.


Therefore, I’m glad to say that I’ve prepared a new tool for YOU. By using this interactive test, you’ll get some recommendations for YOUR chess improvement from me. All you need to do is answer some simple questions and this can be done in a few minutes.

After that, I’ll send you an e-mail where you’ll find my advice and recommendations for your chess improvement.


<<Take part in the test now>>

Here’s also a cool video explaining our interactive test:

[youtube_sc url=”″]


Finally, I’d like to tap out your tactical skills. 🙂


Black’s turn

Can you find the winning move for Black? Evaluate all the variations and, after you have come up with your solution, you may compare your results by looking at the answer here: LINK

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Comments: 13

Comments 13

    1. Hi Madara,

      We are constantly extending the selection of products available for our students to purchase. We will consider your suggestion as well, please follow our blog for updates.

      Silvestras | Student Support Officer

    1. Hi Marian,
      Unfortunately, we had to stop the Interactive Test due to technical issues.

      Prasaadh / Student Support Officer

  1. Dear Igor,what is the correct way to neutralize grand Prix attack from black point of view. Thankyu in advance. I am suffering for many years to find a way.please suggest

  2. Dear igor, I had problem understanding note boom variation in Slav defense. Please help us.this variation is becoming popular day my day.and ragozin defense. Plea se suggest something.

  3. Hi Yash,

    Igor has a busy schedule, unfortunately he cannot answer all specific questions.

    As I have mentioned before, all chess related questions will be answered in private coaching when we launch online training platform.

    Best regards,
    Silvestras | Student Support Officer

  4. Hello Igor ! I just tried to perform your little test regarding personnal chess improvement and it seems that the link is dead…Can you please tell me where is possible to find it ? Many thanks in advance, glad to talk to you one day 😉 !

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