All Chess Strategy Explained – How to Win in Chess
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All Chess Strategy Explained – How to Win in Chess

All Chess Strategy Explained – How to Win in Chess

Today we have launched the registration to our chess course “The Grandmaster’s Positional Understanding”. The registration is open for a week – till Tuesday, 28 July. After that, we’ll close the registration. Therefore, if you have always wanted to improve your chess understanding, there can’t be a better time than this! By registering to the course now, you will get a lot of benefits.

What Do You Get?

1. Best Offers: You will be able to get the course with a massive 30% discount. Simply use the coupon “gmpu30” – if you don’t know how to use a coupon, please see here. In addition to that, you will get my course “Attack and Win”, worth $89 USD, for FREE!
2. My Personal Support: You will also get my personal support – in case you have any questions while studying the course, you can ask them, and I’ll be helping you.
3. Shared Learning: You will also have the connection with the other RCA students who have enrolled to the course – we will be adding you to a Facebook group. Because, shared learning always helps.
4. Bonus Lessons and Tasks: You will get access to the 5 bonus lessons, including 1 text lesson and 4 video lessons. You will also get 234 powerful practical tasks, mind maps, and other key materials, which will help you to implement the ideas you learn.

Note: If you have already purchased the course, you will be contacted by our Support Team to join the closed Facebook group. In case you are not contacted, please reach out to our Support Team.

Grandmaster's Positional Understanding

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Also, today I have published a new video lesson for you where I have revealed the main strategies for winning a chess game. In this video, I have explained exactly how strong players think while playing a game of chess, so that you can replicate the exact same process and win more games.

I’ll be showing you the two main strategies, which can be applied to any kind of position, so that you can do the best move. This is the blueprint that you can just learn and then apply them in your games. It’s really straightforward and you will be able to apply them easily.

The two strategies are:

  • Principle of attack
  • Principle of the least active piece

1) Principle of Attack: The strongest move in chess is an attacking move. If you can attack your opponent, you should do it. And a simple way to find attacking moves is to focus your attention to the opponent’s half of the board, and ask yourself “How can I move my pieces forward, go into my opponent’s territory, and create threats?

2) Principle of the Least Active Piece: In case you’re not able to find attacking moves that are promising, you should identify your least active piece, and figure a way to improve it, that is to make it active, usually by moving it forward or towards the center.

I’ve explained these two strategies in detail with practical examples in the below video lesson:


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