Another Fianchettoed Bishop

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What is a Fianchettoed Bishop?

A fianchettoed bishop is the one that is developed to the second rank of the adjacent knight file, after the knight pawn has been moved from its initial square. Therefore, the fianchetto squares are: b2, g2, g7 and b7. This type of development is very common nowadays and it happens in quite a few chess openings.

Pros and Cons of Fianchettoed Bishop

One of the main advantages of having a fianchettoed bishop is that the bishop is often more active, controlling a long diagonal. The pawn structure formed by developing a fianchettoed bishop also stands as a very good protection for the castled king.

Nevertheless, there are few critical points to remember as well – an exchange of the fianchettoed bishop is usually not encouraged as it leads to the creation of weak squares, the squares it was controlling, forming as a hole.

How to Attack a Fianchettoed Bishop?

It could also become a target of attack when the opponent forms a queen-bishop battery, aiming at the squares of the fianchettoed bishop. Another way to attack a fianchettoed bishop is by pushing the rook pawn and targeting the pawn in front of the fianchettoed bishop. The dragon variation of the Sicilian Defense is a well-known example for this setup.

Today I’d like to share with you a video I’ve published more than 6 years ago, on this topic. In this video, I have explained how to attack a fianchettoed bishop and defend with it. You can watch the video lesson below:

P.S. Did you enjoy the lesson? Have you seen this video lesson before? I’m sure you would have, had you been following RCA for years. 🙂 Please leave your comments below.
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Comments: 57

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  1. thank you very much sir for your effort to share your knowledge about chess indeed it was very helpful and how i wish i could purchased your books but at present i can’t due to financial problems within my family, thanks anyway

  2. Claro que me gustaría adquirir su curso, lamentablemente está en idioma inglés. Si fuera en español creo no tendría inconveniente. Gracias de todos modos.

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  3. Thank u Igor for this useful video lesson. It is nice to hear from u again. We missed u :O) Take care and we wish u the best! All our positive energy is with u! Bye

  4. Hello GM Smirnov, Thank you very much for this very valuable lesson. Since I play the Queens Indian def. w/black and the Nimzowitch/Larsen attack w/white it is very useful to know the methods of attack & defence in the Q-side fianchetto position. Thanks again.

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      1. dear sir please answer my abouve questiion i want to know thanks in free time did anand will able to stop us team thanks sir ??

    1. dear sir what do you think who will win the candidates for the fide presidencey short ,markopolous or other somenone else do you try chess politics in your life ??

    2. dear sir ian wins the jalphet memorial 2-18 held in jerusalem what do you think about the touramnet overall thanks ??

    3. dear sir waht do you think aobut the indina players and indian talent of chess in general al ot of young outstanding players are coming from india the yare incresaing their rating point by playiing gm open touranments praggu sweats wesley so in open touranmnet.?/

      1. Yes, there is huge amounts of talent. Lot of young talents are getting proper training. Maybe they were getting that earlier. So India and China have a lot of potential top chess players in the future.

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