Another success story from an RCA student who defeated a Fide Master

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Recently, I received a message from one of my students, Massimo Tricomi. He has shared some information about his wonderful chess journey and a recent success of his in defeating a Fide Master (FM), increasing 22 ELO points and, hence, obtaining his best ELO so far – 1954.


I thought I could share this message with you, and I hope that this will act as an “energy pill” towards your chess progress! 🙂


Dear RCA,


This is a letter of thanksgiving to Mr Smirnov. I recount in short my history. I started to play chess at 17 years old and played my first tournament at 18. I played but not regularly and in 2004 reached my fide elo 1953.
rca studentIn 2005 I met my wife and my elo decreased to under 1900 elo points. I played only at tournaments below 1900 and I won a couple of these – but my understanding of chess wasn’t high. Then I knew you: I bought all your courses and finally started to understand chess.


This year I played only two tournaments because the 2nd of my children was born, but in September I took part at an important Master tournament. Before the start I study in depth your book “Winning Psychology” and it helps me very well!


I played confidently against opponents rated from 50 to 250 elo points higher than me. In particular I played against a Fide Master in round 5. He was afraid of my variation against the King’s Indian and thought very long.


After the 14th move and a lack of plan, he offered me a draw; myself of yesterday sure would have accepted but this time no! I played on and placed problem for him until he made a mistake and lost. I am very happy at this result in this tournament. I obtained a +22 and in October I will reach 1954 – my best elo ever!


Yes I’m still a beginner but you changed my way of playing: You are the best teacher. You really want that your students should progress. I send you the game in .pgn and a photo of mine in this tournament of Amantea 2015 (time 90’+30″+30′ after 40 moves).


Thank you

Massimo Tricomi”.


Congratulations on your success Massimo! 🙂 It’s simply feels GREAT to see such regular success by my students.


Before you can watch Massimo’s game, let me see if you can “defeat a FM”. 🙂 Below is a position from Massimo’s game.


White to play

It’s White’s turn now. How would you play here as White? After calculating all possible variations, you can see the whole game here.


You can find more feedback of this kind and success stories from my students here.

P.S. If you have played any nice game(s), feel free to share your news with us.
Comments: 5

Comments 5

  1. Thank you Igor, i forgot to tell that from move 15 my opponent was with 2 min plus bonus and i played not the best moves (after Re8 i had a tactical shot that miss) but i pressed him and feel very confident in myself this trasformazione thanks to your book!!!

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