Basic conditions for a successful attack

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In the previous article, we discussed about 5 biggest problems in attack and how to solve them. Today we’ll move forward to the next important thing about attack in chess – the basic conditions for a successful attack.

One of the frequently asked questions by the chess players, after ‘deciding’ the target for the attack is: (WHERE), “WHEN should I attack?”. Later, they face another problem – “HOW should I attack?”.
where, when and howAdditionally, there are some other important factors you should take into the account when attacking. Today our guest coach CM Charles Campbell will explain to you these factors and conditions in details. 🙂 In his instructive video lesson, you’ll learn about the following:

  • Active/passive pieces
    • Pawn islands
      • Pawn storm (connected pawns)
        • How pawn structure determines a successful attack?
          • Using the open files effectively
            • Weak pawns
              • Weak squares
                • And lots more…

                  You can watch the video lesson below:

                  Author information

                  Charles CampbellCharles Campbell is one of the highest rated players in Nigeria and a member of the Nigerian National chess team for 15 years. He has represented Nigeria at various international events, most importantly at the World Chess Olympiad and All Africa Games.

                  He excelled at the World Open in Arlington, Virginia in 2014 as well as at the Tradewise Gibraltar Chess Festival 2016. He also won the 2015 National Friends of Chess tournament in Nigeria and tied for the first place at the 2016 CPAN Chevron Chess Challenge also in Nigeria.

                  His deep passion for the game of chess and strong belief in its educational benefits led him to the establishing of the Candy Chess Academy, the pioneer scholastic chess academy in Nigeria.


                  He runs a very successful coaching program in Nigeria and in Louisiana (USA) and has discovered and developed some very strong players and Champions of all ages.

                  Charles has three international titles: CM from the World Chess Federation (FIDE), NM from the Nigeria Chess Federation (NCF) and NM from the United States Chess Federation (USCF).


                  P.S. Our next course is “Crushing the king” and will be released soon. We’ve published a short teaser video of the course – you can watch it here. Stay tuned for more! 🙂

                  Quick success in chess

                  Comments: 7

                  Comments 7

                  1. Thank you CM Charles Campbell for this wonderful video lesson. I like your analysis move by move. I also play the semi slav defence and the Caro Kann defence.

                  2. outstanding vidoe and the coach is outstanding i had talked to cm charles and played a game with him he is an superb player.dear igor can you please tell mei how to contact mr cm charles for coaching ??from gmail.??

                  3. What an outstanding video!Honorable CM Charles’ adroit, clear and concise explanations of motifs and strategies made this video a book on the middle game.

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