Brutally PUNISH Scholar's Mate & Early Queen Attacks
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How to Become a Talented Chess Player?

How to Become a Talented Chess Player?

In one of my recent videos, we discussed about a Soviet chess puzzle that helps you determine your level of “chess talent” (if you haven’t watched that video, click here).

Although it is interesting to do tests and see how we perform; the true value of that test is not to see if you are on “god level” or average level, but the idea of studying chess methodically.

When you see a stronger player, like a Grandmaster, beating other players with ease and seemingly with little effort, you might be amazed. You might think that this player got to this point by just being exceptionally talented.

Let me tell you that the answer to that is a resounding NO. Even talented players got to that point of mastery by studying chess and working hard to hone their skills.

In fact, we probably have a wrong idea about what talent is. Let me share an inspiring quote by the former world champion GM Garry Kasparov.

garry kasparov chess quote

Hard work is a talent. The ability to push yourself, to keep working, practicing, studying more than others is itself a talent. If anyone could do it, everyone would. As with any talent, it must be cultivated to blossom.

To help you become a more “talented” player the right way, we have decided to open enrolment for “The GM Positional Understanding” on September 20th. This course will allow you to beat other players by working and improving your positional and strategic UNDERSTANDING.

I want to work with a group of students on a private Facebook group, that’s why the enrolment will be open for a few days only. If you want to be notified when we open the enrolment, you may join the waitlist below:

Grandmaster's Positional Understanding

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In today’s video lesson, we’ll discuss about the Scholar’s Mate. As much as I’m ashamed to say this, I’ve got to bring this up; some tricksters will try to humiliate you with the Scholar’s Checkmate.

While any good chess player is aware of the Scholar’s Mate and know how to defend against it when their opponent tries to trick them, it is important to punish that lame trick.

And that is exactly what you’ll learn in today’s lesson – how to punish Scholar’s Mate.

Below, you can find the games shown in the video:

I hope you enjoy reading this blog post.

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