The Best RCA Courses are Now Available for Mac Users!


For the past few years, some of our students using Mac computers (iPad, iPhone, Mac notebook) were asking for RCA courses to be compatible with the Mac platform as well. As you may know, in RCA we always consider YOUR needs and strive hard to satisfy them. So, we really considered their request and we have been working hard on that.
rca chess courses for macWe’re very happy to announce that the following courses are now cross platform compatible with all the videos in MP4, and the e-books are in PDF:

1) “The Grandmaster’s Positional Understanding
2) “The Grandmaster’s Secrets
3) “Winning the Middlegame
4) “Calculate Till Mate
5) “Crushing the King
6) “Defending Champion
7) “Master the Grunfeld Defense as Black
8) “My Thinking System
9) “Self-taught Grandmaster
10) “An Endgame Expert

Are you a Mac user who already own an RCA course or want to buy a new course? Great, all you have to do is simply contact us – send an email to [email protected] claiming that you own a Mac, and we will guide you and even give you some special discount! 🙂

Finally, please give us your feedback about this. We’ll give you what you ask for and we’ll be happy to know if you liked it. Please write your thoughts in the comments below.

P.S. Let me also remind you that we’re conducting a survey to know your thoughts about our next course. Take the survey and get a chance to get that course (we’ll create it based on your needs) with a huge discounttake the survey! 🙂


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