Which is the best side to castle your king?

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Castling is a very important move which every chess player should do. It is an important goal in the opening because it serves two valuable purposes: it moves the king into a safer position away from the center of the board, and it moves the rook to a more active position in the center of the board.

However, when we are on the chessboard we usually have the dilemma: to which side of the board should we castle?

For example, below is a position from the game of the reigning world champion Magnus Carlsen (White).

Now White must choose between castling on the kingside and castling on the queenside. Think seriously for a while and try to figure out which is the best side to castle.

After spending a few minutes on the above position, you can watch the instructive video lesson from our guest coach IM Asaf Givon, in which he shares with 4 important principles that will help you decide the side of castling. You can watch the video lesson below:


  • Principle 1: When the d-file is open – castle long (queenside)
    • Principle 2: Postpone the castling and make useful moves first
      • Principle 3: Avoid opponent’s attack by castling on the other side
        • Principle 4: Castle on the side which is safer for your king
        • Suggested
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          Author information

          IM Asaf Givon


          Asaf Givon is an International Master from Kfar Saba, Israel. His age is 22 and playing chess since 7. He is also playing for the Kfar Saba team in the first Israeli Chess League. He got the IM title in 2013, and ever since then, he is on the road to achieving the GM title. He currently has 2 norms.


          He is teaching chess since he was 16 and he’s always very happy to teach people and to spread his love to the game.




          P.S. Did you find these tips useful? 🙂 Have you ever been in situations or have you won any games by successfully castling on the right side? Feel free to write in the comments below.

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          Comments: 13

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          1. outstanding information and the great vidoe and great article dear igor sir you are great.teacher .

            1. thanks sir which new course or webinar you are going to produce next sir.what are your views about indian chesss in chenani and tamilnadu about nihal sareen and pragganandtha gm rb ramesh sir students they are rocking the chess world.??

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