Birthday Cake-2 & Another Weapon For You!

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First of all, I’d like to THANK everyone for your greetings! It’s a pleasure for me to communicate with such nice and grateful people!

We set a record of 90 comments for one blog-post. :) Although I couldn’t reply to every message, be sure I read them all. Your nice attitude motivates me to keep working for you, and rest assured there will be a lot of new and useful materials!

Before we move on to the lesson itself, let me remind you that the special offer of a 20% DISCOUNT for all of my courses will expire on October  31st!
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Now, I’ve collected some really cool games for you. However, let’s test your skills first.

Please find the solution in the positions below. You should find the best move and calculate all associated variations until the end.
After you come up with your own solution, check yourself by downloading the answer.

Janosevic, D – Kovacevic, V

Black to move

How should Black play here?
Once you found the solution, check yourself and view the whole game here: LINK

Note: if you can’t open *.pgn files – please read the instructions here: LINK

Ashley M, – Berman, M

White to move

A 2370 rated player missed the right move. Can you find it?
The answer: LINK

Kortschnoj, V – Solak, D

White to move

Please don’t forget: you should not only find the best move, but calculate all the resulting variations as well.
The answer: LINK

Kopaev, N – Novopashin, A

Black to move

This is one of the gems in my collection. Don’t underestimate the difficulty of this position.
The answer: LINK


So we’ve just tested your skills. Were you able to find all the solutions by yourself? In any case, I’m sure you enjoyed these brilliant examples.

Now we come to the most important part of the lesson. How can YOU find such tactical shots in your practical games?

Actually, this is a huge separate topic (which includes tactics, calculation and attacking skills). I can’t provide all this information here. However, I’ll give you one simple, yet VERY POWERFUL practical advice! Here is the rule:

First, consider moves on your opponent’s half of the board.
Secondly – on yours.

Let me explain. An opponent’s territory is under the control of his forces. That’s why usually you can’t go there. So you mainly think about moves on your own territory; and after that quickly check other options.

This is a typical way of thinking. HOWEVER, in this way you miss A LOT of powerful attacking options.

I recommend that you use an opposite way of thinking. First, consider moves on your OPPONENT’S territory. Of course, you can’t deliver crushing blows every time. However, it’s enough to find just one tactical shot throughout the game to gain a victory.

This rule seems simple, but it has a LOT of potential to improve your game!

First, consider moves on your opponent’s half of the board.
Secondly – on yours.

Now here’s a little task for you. Go over the examples from this lesson once again, but this time keeping the above rule in your mind always.

You’ll see how easier it is to find the right moves now.


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Comments: 84

Comments 16

  1. Hi Igor,

    I just wanted to let you know that I love the way you teach chess. I’ve purchased your positional understanding chess course a couple of months ago, and let me tell you. It’s fantastic. I’ve only been playing for about six months and I’ve seen a dramatic improvement in my game!
    Thanks to you, when I go to chess club, I’ve been able to beat some people. It’s a great feeling. I still have trouble with calculating (it slows me down greatly when I try to calculate all the threats) but I know that I can get better.
    So keep up the good work and don’t stop what your doing.

    Have a good day Igor,

  2. Thanks to the Lession it is really weapon and once again lot of thanks to the World’s Best Chess trainer GM Igor Smirnov

  3. Thanks so much our teacher GM Igor Smirnov for this lesson and for advice especially, and one more time I’m wishing you a good things in this year…

  4. With all your wishes I feel this year must be good and productive for me! So I’ll make a lot of new materials for you, and the coming year will be highly successful for you as well 🙂

    1. I have al your courses and you’re free lessons still study them all they are huge keep me busy, and save money for you’re next new payed course in the future 🙂

  5. WOW you deserve to get an Award !!!!!!!!!!! and again and again you give the position + the full game and your own analyse + commetery , sad still many players(top players) give a position to solve + answer + computer analyses , I know now that is wrong and give a less or no improve , thank U so much again !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! take care have an nice blessed day 🙂

    Ps I like chess queen GM Alexandra kosteniuk (she is Amazing in blitz chess ), she have Facebook twitter you-tube site + blog ,so much she have but never give me real progress or improve , it’s only nice to have her in my friend list on Facebook xD xD 🙂

  6. Thank you very much Igor. This lesson is very useful. I like to learn new things. I want to improve my game and your advices help me. Thank you for the work you have prepared for us.

  7. Hello,

    I just wanted to say, happy birthday and thanks for the very instructive article. Also, I wanted to say that I own one of your programs “GM Secrets” and it has really helped my chess game. I am making fewer oversights than ever before. I am finding positional ideas and tactical shots in my games now like never before.

    I have always been a very poor player who had a lot of “book” opening knowledge but constantly blundered and played with no real understanding of strategy. Since beginning study of “GM secrets” I have started to beat players that I couldn’t beat in the past, I have seen my online rating begin to climb, and I am learning so much more from studying GM games because I know have a way to look at the games and understand what is happening in them. My goals are modest but thanks to your materials I am enjoying chess more than I have in many years.

    Thank you sir and best wishes to you.

  8. Dear GM Smirnov ,
    I have already bought the Self-taught GM and the GM Sectrets and completed the tasks.Now I am debating if I should follow up with the ” winning plan” or “endgame expert”.Being a elo 2000 player means that I have a grasp of endgame positions and study the subject with books .What do you think?

  9. very nice lesson. I am more interested to play chess. cool positions are very good to calculate and understand. we will not come to now when did the time run out while solving positions. thank u for IGOR SMIRNOV

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