Birthday Cake

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This issue will be unusual and maybe a bit crazy, but read it until the end! :)

Today is my BIRHDAY, I feel good, and want to share this feeling with you.

First, let me give you some exciting news.

1)    During the next 3 days, until October the 31st, you can get a 20% DISCOUNT on ALL of my products.

As you may have noticed, I give discounts very seldom. The real value of my courses is higher than their usual price, thus you can only expect a price growth in the future.

But because of my birthday, you can get a huge 20% discount on ANY of my courses till October the 31st.

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Just indicate your discount code HOLIDAY while placing the order and you will automatically get 20% off the price. You can find the detailed INSTRUCTIONS here: LINK


2)    Another good thing I’d like to inform you about is that we’ve improved the technical (computer) side of the courses, making it easier than ever for students to study.

Of course, not all the chess players are very familiar with computer programs. Modern technologies can be tough sometimes…  Although most students studied my chess courses smoothly, some people experienced problems while running the courses.

Now we have simplified the technical side of things, and you can be 100% sure that nothing will hamper your chess learning.

So now it’s really the best time to try out something new and boost your chess progress!

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Let’s not forget about my HOLIDAY and have some FUN. :)
Recently I reviewed my photos and have decided to share some of them with you.
Additionally this will give you another reason for being prompt! Let me explain.

Sometimes I’m very serious:

And think about new chess lessons for you:

I may be organizing chess tournaments:

And signing a couple of autographs together with another guy you may heard about LOL:

BUT, who knows, maybe I’ll decide to change my specialization in the next year…

Maybe I’ll join pirates and will rob mercantile marine:

I’m also considering becoming an aboriginal tribe chief:

I may be lost in a distant cave:

Well, having a girlfriend can make cave life not so boring, so I’ll take her there. :)

And after all, I can drive away looking for a better place:

So if you really want to get some chess lessons, you should HURRY! :)

<< Get Your Chess Course With 20% Discount NOW >>

Comments: 105

Comments 105

  1. I wish you a HAPPY BIRTHDAY today GM Igor Smirnov!..Hope you’ll continue making quality and affordable chess courses in the future..Thanks for sharing the secrets to a


  3. Happy Birthday GM Igor. Wishing you more super-strength in the field of chess, and you heading to the top elites for world crown battles.

  4. Hey, very cool pics, Great to know about you and your interests… With all the wishes of a million Indian gods on your Birthday 😉

  5. i can’t miss this occasion to wish you lots of luck, health, happiness a the same good humor.

    thanks again for your kind and expert chess directions….

  6. Thanks for all your greetings and wishes! It’s very nice to communicate with such positive and benevolent people!
    I have many interesting ideas (related to chess lessons of course) for the coming year. So there will be a lot of sweeties for you! 🙂

  7. Happy Bithday! I am delighted that you have updated the technology on all your courses. I already have them all. Sometimes when I am travelling they just stop working and won’t play again until I have an internet connection. It drives me mad. The older courses are worse than the new ones. At any rate, they are all fantastic…

  8. I wish you a really Happy Birthday !! I hope you’re fine. Enjoy life, play chess forever 😉 Thanks for all you’ve done for us.

  9. Happy birthday dear GM! You are great in chess, so additionally I wish you to be also great and very happy of everyday life! You are on the good way for this , I see – keep the way on!


  10. Happy Birthday GM Igor. I wish you all the best. I am very happy to have your news. Thank you for the courses and for your help in general. Have a nice day

  11. Thanks for sharing your personal moments GM Smirnov. It’s been a privilege being invited to your Party. Many Many Happy Returns of the Day.

  12. Wish you a very happy b’day!

    God bless you with good health, peace and prosperity in life and success in all your endeavors!

  13. Happy Birthday GM Smirnov! I trust you have a great day. Thanks for sharing your future plans, they look interesting even I hope you will not leave chess as we want to have you as chess teacher as long as possible. You are unique! It is very kind of you to make that considerable discount, I know that your time and efforts have higher value.

  14. Have you considered swashbuckling with dwarves and hobbits….. i mean in case u r considering to become a pirate you should think about this part as it is most critical. N given the fact that your manly splendor will be always at their eye level, the chance that you will end up with crippled twilly is 9/10. BTW in case your planning to lose your girlfriend n take up monkhood after your retirement, .. YEAH ! pirate is the best way to go 😛
    Oh n have a lovely birthday. and Birthday HUGS from your humble student

  15. Happy birthday. “unfortunately i already have all your courses” I think it will take me about 3 years to finish them, although I’ve started to study them a while ago. Thanks

  16. Fellows don’t hurry to buy all of the Smirnov’s courses at once because it
    takes much more time than it is advertised (3 months/ course) to fully
    understand and make a part of your habit. Start with GM Positional understanding, followed by Calculate till mate. After that I recommend GM Secrets. It will provide you good practice. Actually GM Secrets was the first course I bought, I found it very interesting but it didn’t brought grate results. After Gm Postional Understanding which explains the positional play in much more detail I couldn’t understand what I wasn’t able to understand at GM Secrets. My play got better instantly. Honestly. I’m 35 and started to study chess 3 years ago. I only started to make progress after studying Gm Positional Understanding. After that I got impatient and bought all his courses. I find The endgame expert and The Winning Plan very helpful. Good luck Zoltan

  17. Happy birthday GM Igor. I trust that you had a wonderful day. You have been a wonderful inspiration to both me and my 9 year old son Seth-Riley Adams ever since we began watching your videos. We purchased your course “Calculate Till Mate” in July 2012 and my son has experienced phenomenal growth in his recent tournaments in the under 10 section.

    Thank you for the time & effort you put into making these chess lessons. Long may you continue with your chess lessons!

    Kind regards,

  18. I have the Opening Course and I would like to know what Igor would recommend for his students as Black against the Bird and English Openings.

  19. Chess is an awesome game and the beauty of playing increases when you can find a fair competition. Why don’t you collaborate with deal sites to market your products.

    1. Hi Dealpaaji,

      Thank you for your suggestions, we will consider them. However, in the future please do not post links promoting other websites on this blog. If you would like to, you can always contact us through “Support” tab in our blog with commercial offers.
      Best regards,

      Silvestras | Student Support Officer

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