Bobby Fischer’s 21-move Brilliancy Against Byrne

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Today we’re going to see a chess masterpiece by Bobby Fischer. It’s a game that he played against Robert Eugene Byrne, an International Master, at the 1963/1964 United States Chess Championship, held in New York, where Fischer defeated him in only 21 moves! At the age of 20, Fischer was already among the world’s very best chess players.

In his brilliancy, Fischer demonstrates how to inject multiple imbalances into a highly symmetrical position, how to properly highlight these differences to benefit oneself, and how to accurately assess the true value of the pieces as they rest on the board.

Note: Please do not confuse the following game withThe Game of the Century – Byrne vs Fischer; that’s Donald Byrne, and this game is played by Robert Eugene Byrne.

You can watch the instructive video analysis by the RCA Academy Manager, Aggelos Kesaris, in which he really provides some valuable tips from the game including how chess grandmasters think, whether they calculate all possible moves or only a few moves, improving your pieces, and so much more.


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Comments: 6

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