Bobby Fischer – 7 facts and quotes

The eleventh World Chess Champion, Bobby Fischer, is considered to be the greatest chess player of all time. He showed skill at an early age. At the age of 13, he won a “brilliancy” that became to be known as “The Game of the Century“. Today I’ll share with you 7 interesting facts about Fischer (that you may not know) and 7 best chess quotes by him. 🙂

Before that let me ask you this – have you ever wondered if you can play like Fischer or, in other words, tried to imitate his style of play? Well, it’s probably impossible to play like this legendary player nevertheless, we can learn so much from him and his style of play. Even if you can’t completely imitate his style, a small percentage of that will be enormous.

So what is Fischer’s style of play? How can you use it in your games? I’m very happy to introduce to you our next course “Play like Fischer”! This course is made by me exclusively.
play like fischer
“Play like Fischer” is an absolutely essential course. Please don’t be deceived by the title of the course, it will help you to understand the simple, yet powerful secrets behind Fischer’s style. After the study of this course you will be able to incorporate some of his winning techniques into YOUR own games, so you can become a really strong player! Let me remind you that this is NOT a documentary about Fischer.

The course will be released on Wednesday, 30 August. I don’t wish to reveal too much information now – it’s only 2 more days to go for the course release, so I hope you can wait until then. 🙂

Now let’s get back to where we started – yes interesting facts about Fischer and his quotes! Our Team has prepared two very cool videos to present them to you. You can watch both videos below:


P.S. How excited are you about this information? 🙂 Many of you had requested for a course solely prepared by me and I’m fulfilling your needs – feel free to write your thoughts and share your excitement with us in the comments below!

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