Breaking Stereotypes – 2

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I hope that you enjoyed the lesson “Breaking Stereotypes”, which I created recently. Today I recorded the 2nd part of this lesson. The next portion of chess stereotypes is broken! 🙂

These 2 videos are closely connected and they will definitely bring you good practical results.
P.S. You are welcome to write your opinion about the lesson in comments.

Comments: 56

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  1. thank you sir very much with these free video lessons my rating has gone from 1600 to1900.i hope one day i will be able to buy one of your courses

  2. After Rd3 (at 24:30), would Black have had a better game playing Qg1+, Kb2 or piece to d1, Qxh2? This adds support to Black’s weak h-pawn and appears to remove the possibility of Rh3 for White, at least for the present. But maybe I am missing something.

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