6 Brilliant Chess Moves In A Row! [Consecutive Queen Sacrifices]
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6 Brilliant Chess Moves In A Row! [Consecutive Queen Sacrifices]

6 Brilliant Chess Moves In A Row! [Consecutive Queen Sacrifices]


Have you ever dreamed of playing one brilliant move in chess? Well, imagine making 6 consecutive brilliant moves in a single game! That’s exactly what happened in this remarkable chess encounter.

In this blog-post, we’ll dissect this incredible game, filled with tactical fireworks and consecutive queen sacrifices that left both players and chess enthusiasts awestruck. The victim of this spectacular display of chess mastery was none other than Carlos Torre, a top-eight world-ranked player at the time. Let’s dive into the mayhem!

Below, you can find the games shown in the video:

The Players and Opening

The stage was set with Edwin Ziegler playing as White and Carlos Torre as Black. The game kicked off with the standard moves, but Black opted for the Philidor defense, which is considered somewhat passive.

Consecutive Queen Sacrifices Begin

brilliant chess movesIn the above position, White played 15.Re2 with the idea of doubling rooks on the e-file. And Black responded with 15…Rc8. After 16.Rae1 Qd7 17.Bxf6 Bxf6, we arrive at the following position.

brilliant chess moves

Brilliant Move #1

White’s queen is under attack and has to move it somewhere. The White’s rooks on the e-file also do a great job, putting pressure on the Black’s rook on e8. And White played the first brilliant move, a queen sacrifice, 18.Qg4!

brilliant chess movesThe reason behind this move was that Black’s queen was pinned to the defense of the rook on e8.

Brilliant Move #2

Black played 18…Qb5 to move the queen away from the attack and supporting the e8-rook at the same time. And White sacrificed his queen for the second time with 19.Qc4, again trying to deflect the Black queen.

brilliant chess moves

Brilliant Move #3

Black’s queen moved back to d7 with 19…Qd7, protecting the rook on e8. It appeared as though Black had successfully navigated the complexities of the position.

However, White continued to play another brilliant move, another queen sacrifice, this time with 20.Qc7.

brilliant chess moves

Brilliant Moves #4 and #5

Black went back to 20…Qb5 and White continued to attack it with 21.a4. The amazing moves continued after 21…Qxa4 22.Re4, forcing the queen to go back to b5 with 22…Qb5.

Brilliant Move #6

The final nail in the coffin was 23.Qxb7, another queen sacrifice that attacks the Black’s queen. However, the Black queen has no square to go to while maintaining its support for the e8-rook.

brilliant chess movesWhite won the game after 23…Qxb7 24.Rxe8+ Rxe8 25.Rxe8#, a brilliant back-rank mate!


This chess game, filled with consecutive queen sacrifices and a brilliant tactical sequence, showcases the complexity and beauty of chess. While it’s uncertain if the game was played or a product of analysis, its instructive value remains undeniable. Chess enthusiasts and players can learn from these spectacular moves, which serve as a testament to the endless possibilities and excitement that this ancient game offers.

For those eager to see the game unfold move by move, you can watch the full video analysis here.

I hope you enjoy reading this blog post.

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