Calculation and Evaluation in chess

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Often during a chess game, you have so many different choices of moves in a position (especially, in a middlegame position) and each of them might seem reasonable. The important part is that we need to calculate the attacking possibilities very precisely.

Most players would spend about 20-30 minutes in the process of making a decision in that ‘critical position’ and unfortunately, that player would eventually play a bad move or make a terrible blunder. Have you been there?

Let’s take a look at a practical example.

data-fen=”2q2rk1/p2r4/b1p1Rp1p/8/1bPN1P2/2NQ4/P1P3PP/5RK1 w – – 0 24<” data-legend=”White to move”>

Black just played 23…Qc8 and it is White’s turn now. How would you evaluate this position? Well, White is two pawns up; one of them is doubled on the c-file, while Black has a Bishop pair for White’s Knight pair.

How would you play here as White? You may also record your calculations/variations for your convenience. Please, take a few minutes and consider this training as a serious one. After calculating all possible variations, continue reading.

The above position is from the game of our guest coach IM David Miedema. As I have already mentioned in the beginning of the article, he took a lot of time in this position, and ended up making a blunder. But what was your evaluation and calculations? I hope you did not make the same blunder. 🙂

You’re welcome to see what happened in the game and check your calculations by watching the video lesson below:

In this video, you’ll learn about:

  • How to arrange your minor pieces
    • Active squares
      • Controlling the centre
        • Easiness of your position
          • Method of elimination
            • And lots more.
            • IM David MiedemaAuthor information

              David Miedema is an International Master from the Netherlands. His biggest achievements include:


              –> 6th of the Netherlands, beating Anish Giri in the process, twice.

              –> Winning the Neckar open in 2010


              He gained crucial fun skills in teaching chess. He will be traveling around Europe making videos and live in nomad lifestyle.




              P.S. Did you correctly calculate the position above? Did you find this video instructive? What are your impressions on Miedema’s lesson? Feel free to comment below and discuss.

              Quick success in chess

              Comments: 370

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              1. outstanding article and wonderful lessons thanklyou so much for this great teachings .dear igor is david medima is available for coaching??thannkyou.please engage him to make paid courses as well.thanks.

                1. It’s good to know you enjoyed the lesson!

                  I’m not sure if David is available for private coaching, but thanks for your suggestion to engage him for future paid courses! Your feedback about RCA authors is very important for me.

                  1. okk sir it is my pleasure thnks for your time and responses dear sir gm rb ramesh is one of the best indian coaches ever and he is frined also on whatsapp and skype can you please contact him for making lessons in rca??

                  2. dear igor sir i want to dicuss an itneresting topic that you have never heard of beocome there is a women of 34 years age of icc website her rating is 2790 and you will be surprised that how fast she played very accurate moves and she beats latest stockfish 8 and cfish and aslo tomorrow magnus app at age of is this possible for anyone??she is not a titled player alsos is she cheating what do you think sir.

                    1. Interesting story. There may be some strong player playing with that account who did not bother to contact ICC for the displaying the title. Or they could be cheating. If they are cheating I am sure ICC will stop it eventually.

                      Prasaadh | Support Officer

                      1. ok sir you are ocmpetely right she is using strong engines tahnks for help .what is igor going to do next??

                      2. Thanks for your interest.

                        We will let you know about this in our blog posts.

                        Prasaadh | Support

                      3. dear sir a famours bulgarian grandmaster is arrested i nchess for cheating in the tournaments what do you think about that??thanks for your time and and igor are doing great work

              2. after about 20 minutes of calculation then verification by moving pieces..i rejected many of your bad cantidates and found rfe1. by then I was a little tired and so asked Houdini to verify and he came up with an amazing line based on many of your lines given in the lesson. FEN: 2q2rk1/p2r4/b1p1Rp1p/8/1bPN1P2/2NQ4/P1P3PP/4R1K1 b – – 1 1

                12/29 00:00 1,344,896 6,373,000 +1.97 1. … Qb8 2.Rxc6 Bxc3 3.Qxc3 Bb7 4.Rce6 Qxf4 5.Nb3 Qg4 6.R6e2 Re7 7.Qd2
                12/29 00:00 1,344,896 6,373,000 +1.52 1. … Qd8 2.a3 Bc5 3.Nce2 Kh8 4.Qf5 Bb6 5.c5 Rxd4 6.cxb6 Rd1 7.Rxd1 Qxd1+ 8.Kf2 Bxe2
                this is just two winning line. great problem

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