Carlsen’s missed opportunity against Karjakin in a crucial endgame!


Today we’re going to take a look back into one of the most epic games in the history of World Chess Championship. It was the third game in the World Championship 2016 Carlsen vs Karjakin, where Magnus tried to give his best on the subject which he knows the best, the endgame. He was firing at Karjakin for almost 7 hours, but the latter proved that he is one of the best defenders in the world as the game ended in a draw.

The following position arrived in the endgame. Karjakin just took the pawn on f5 with 70.Kxf5. Imagine you are playing White – what would you do here? Carlsen played the move 71.Na5 and missed a golden opportunity to win the game. Can you see what move wins the game for White?

After calculating all possible variations, you can watch the instructive video analysis by our guest coach CM Tryfon Gavriel below:

We can see how important it is to play endgames well, because even in the top-level it is really hard to find the right moves. One of the finest endgame players of the history, Capablanca said:

In order to improve your game, you must study the endgame before everything else, for whereas the endings can be studied and mastered by themselves, the middlegame and the opening must be studied in relation to the endgame.

P.S. Did you like the lesson? What your views on this topic – do you think no one can truly master the endgame or is it possible to do so with consistent effort and practice? 🙂 Please comment below – let’s discuss!
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